Palin Fan Mistakingly Buys Infamous Effigy on EBay and then Refuses to Pay

tdy_mullen_palinhanged_081029300wThere is a fight brewing about an Ebay sale after a supporter of Sarah Palin bought an effigy of her by mistake, thinking that it was just another item to add to his Sarah Palin collection. It turned out to be the controversial effigy of Chad Morrisette, a professional window dresser, who hung it in protest. The Palin supporter is now refusing to pay the $2,200.

Morrisette was pressured to take down the effigy after national criticism and coverage.

The Palin supporter snapped up the item. It is hard to see how the Palin supporter would have thought that an effigy was a positive Palin item. Morrisette included the following statement in the auction page: “PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE FAMOUS SARAH PALIN HALLOWEEN DISPLAY MANNEQUIN. AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW, INSIDE EDITION, THE VIEW, FOX NEWS, KEITH OLBERMAN, EVERY MAJOR NEWS NETWORK, AND READ ABOUT IN EVERY NEWSPAPER WORLDWIDE.” This certainly does not speak well for the intellectual prowess of the Palin fan base.

What is most disturbing is that there are people who have Palin collections, the new pop star of the right wing.

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8 thoughts on “Palin Fan Mistakingly Buys Infamous Effigy on EBay and then Refuses to Pay”

  1. here is a rebuttal to the assertion that all Palins fans are stupid.


    quite a few dopes on the other side of the aisle too!

  2. That guy’s an idiot. Resell it to Cabela’s. They can put it in the stream with the giant stuffed moose–Regina Alces alces!! They could rig her to take shots at undesirables who accidently wander in the store. She could be programmed to proclaim Bible verses– inveigh against the gay I say!!! She could have flames coming from her head every time the 1000th semi-automatic rifle sells. I’m sure he could double his price.

  3. Ryan:

    I am going to work very very hard for the rest of the day to get that image out of my head.

  4. I think this story is missing the main motivation for spending $2,200 on a Palin mannequin, the poor guy must be lonely.

  5. Hey you bid, you buy!!!

    This is a major reason why sellers should still be able to leave negative feedback for non paying bidders!!!

  6. You are right Prof. Turley. This situation does show the intellect of the Palin supporters. I hope the Ebay seller is successful in making sure this person pays their bill. I would love to know if this buyer has pictures of Palin’s hands in his Palin collection. The scary part of all of this is that there really people out there that think Sarah Palin is something special. Sad.

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