The Whale Speaks: Rove Says That He Will Defy Congress and That Bush Lawyers Told Him Not to Cooperate in the Final Days of the Administration

178174170px-karl_roveKarl Rove is promising to defy the subpoena issued by John Conyers — citing instructions from Bush lawyers shortly before the end of the Administration. The statement may indicate that President Bush is preparing for a novel fight: asserting executive privilege against the position of the sitting president (who would presumably support Congress in this matter). In the interview, Rove compares himself to the Great White Whale in Moby Dick.

Appearing on O’Reilly this week, Rove had the following exchange:

Rove: I have been directed, again on January 16, by the outgoing president’s legal counsel, not to respond to a subpoena, exerting privilege on behalf of the former president and his close aides.

O’Reilly: So you’re not even going to show?

Rove: No, and —

O’Reilly: What if they hold you in contempt of Congress?

Rove: Look, this issue is — let’s step back for a minute. This issue of whether or not I should show up — I’ve never exerted any personal privilege, I’ve never said I have a personal right not to show up.

O’Reilly: No, but you’re a counselor to the president, it’s executive — I got all that. But let’s go beyond the argument. I know your argument. Say Conyers says Mr. Rove is in contempt of Congress. What happens then?

Rove: Well, look, this issue is before the United States Circuit Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia. Rep. Conyers could have waited until they resolved the issue one way or the other, gave guidance to him and gave guidance to the former president and to the current president. But instead, he decided to go forward with this — I don’t know if I want to call it a witch hunt, I don’t think of myself as a witch, but I’m certain — this is a guy who went to the cloak room and said, ‘Somebody has to get his –‘ and then filled in a crude way to describe my posterior. He’s sort of like Captain Ahab and I’m the whale.

This could be extremely interesting. While Obama appears (again) eager to avoid a fight over such issues, Conyers to pushing ahead. It will force Obama to take a side. If he supports Conyers, he would waive any executive privilege claims. This would leave Bush as asserting the privilege while the current president sees no need to protect the information. This is precisely the plan that Bush lawyers have clearly discussed with Rove, who noted ” “It’s generally agreed that former presidents retain executive privilege as to matters occurring during their term. We’ll solicit the views of the new White House counsel and, if there is a disagreement, assume that the matter will be resolved among the courts, the president and the former president.”

It would also put pressure on Eric Holder to lift the bar on the submission of the criminal contempt charge to a grand jury.

For John Conyers, I suggest that he explain the reason why he has chosen to go forward to force this testimony. Here is the relevant quote:

Captain Ahab: Speak not to me of blasphemy, man; I’d strike the sun if it insulted me. Look ye, Starbuck, all visible objects are but as pasteboard masks. Some inscrutable yet reasoning thing puts forth the molding of their features. The white whale tasks me; he heaps me. Yet he is but a mask. ‘Tis the thing behind the mask I chiefly hate; the malignant thing that has plagued mankind since time began; the thing that maws and mutilates our race, not killing us outright but letting us live on, with half a heart and half a lung.

The “malignant thing that has plagued mankind” is scheduled to appear in the House Judiciary next week or facing a new harpooning by a criminal contempt sanction.

For the story, click here.

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  1. Lindy Lou:

    Karl in jail on the shower cam! not a pretty thought especially if he bends over to pick up the soap.

    I will supply him with cigarettes though so he can get a prison bitch.

  2. I believe Bron is the same entity who was once known on a liberal website as “Parsnips.” He was banned from that site but ever since has come back again and again as endless sock puppets. The consensus there, too, was that he was an adolescent. Now the spelling is a little better, and he’s able to last a little longer with nearly rational arguments, but when he breaks down it’s pure parsnips.

    Hey Bron, Karl Rove is in big trouble. People are sick of his lies and excuses. We aren’t going to let him get away with it anymore.

    The superbowl is a minor bit of fun, but if Rove his sent to jail I’m going to make a huge batch of Patty’s chili and invite everyone over to watch the tapes. Maybe someone will launch a “Karl cam” in jail so we can all enjoy some reality TV.

  3. Jason2L 1, January 30, 2009 at 7:32 pm


    I think they think you are Bron98. I dont think they care for that guy too much.

    Thanks Jason, but I’m fairly confident they’re none too fond of me either.

  4. Wow! I get home from work and I see that you guys/gals have been busy today. As long as we are dealing with the Von Troll family members, can’t we all get along? I love the sarcasm as much as the next person, but we don’t need to get personal.
    about Rove…this is a good thing that Conyers is pushing ahead on his investigation, as he should. I agree with Prof. Turley that this may force Obama to make a decision on this issue. Rove belongs in jail somewhere and I for one would be happy to see Conyers begin his road down the river.

  5. Wayne:

    I think they think you are Bron98. I dont think they care for that guy too much. I would not sweat it though no one knows who you are or didnt until you were willing to give it up. In my opinion you should be taking Bron98 to task, he and Buddha have really been at each others throats although it seems that Buddha is the better man.

    I think that Buddha was just fed up, (Buddha I hope I am not putting words in your mouth) and was confused about who was who. Heck reading some of Bron98’s posts I wanted to go kick his ass myself, sleezy little gutter runner.

    I will say it was a great slug fest between you and the Buddha and from my perspective I would not want to take either one of you on.

  6. And of course in this case, the “fetal pig” would be who again?

    Buddha Is Laughing 1, January 30, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    You’ll walk away just like the last idiot who tried to [speak to me on the phone or through email].

    Or I’ll break every bone from your wrist to your shoulder.

    On both arms.

    Your choice.

  7. Jason,

    I consider the fetal pig portion of the lesson complete. Move on, buddy, help the conversations like you’ve been doing.

  8. As always the facts are twisted to make yourselves look superior.

    Somehow Jason your little synopsis omitted the fact that Waynebro only “entered” after being repeatedly slandered by Patty, Buddha and Mespo.

    Here, allow me to illuminate you.

    mespo727272 1, January 30, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Patty C:

    I think you’re right that that plague of locusts know as Bartlebee has returned in earnest. I also think Buddha is correct that his mom has yet to let him see the light of day.

    Patty C 1, January 30, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    It’s not ‘these’ poeople. It is ‘this’ person.

    Maybe you should have just stayed out of it, Jill, when I told Bartlebee to get lost the first time time – last spring!

    Patty C 1, January 30, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Just a hunch but I still say Bron98 is our own WB/CMM/BB
    aka Gaylord Focker, who as WB’s ‘clone’ was an ‘adopted’ child.
    The drama continues.

    Buddha Is Laughing 1, January 30, 2009 at 12:18 pm


    That would explain his personal animosity toward me since I made CCM look like a fool on my way in. And you’re right. Whomever this little Nazi is, he seems to have penis issues.

    All these comments were made before I ever said one single word.

    In fact I haven’t said a word in this blog for the last month.

    Yet here these three “superior intellects” are slandering me, as if they were obsessed with me.

    Only then did I break my silence to address these false accusations.


    Now your story is more complete. I’ll leave the direction things took to your own preferences. But now at least you’ve got your facts straight.

  9. Gyges:

    I have read quite a good many of the postings, all quite intelligent and to the point. It looked like you were having some fun with Bron98 but then Waynebro entered and everything took a nose dive what is the history with Buddha and Wayne. It was clash of the Titans.

  10. Sorry, but I must have missed this one and it’s a comment so nice we should post it twice.

    Buddha Is Laughing 1, January 30, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    So I’ll put this in language clear enough for you to understand. I am in the same place I was last time you [offered to speak to me on the phone or through email].

    Come GET me or shut the fuck up, Wayne.

    You’re starting to sound like s psychotic with Tourette’s. You’ll walk away just like the last idiot who tried to [speak to me on the phone or through email].

    Or I’ll break every bone from your wrist to your shoulder.

    On both arms.

    Your choice.


    You’re a high faloootin bunch in here, that’s for sure.

  11. Buddha,

    I was actually talking about Rove referring to himself as Moby Dick and the former Gov. comparing himself to Ghandi, trying to get the conversation steered back to what’s really important. Another example of this administrations tendency to think of itself in mythic terms, I’d like everyone to think about the infamous work from the dark side comment. If that’s not a quote from the gritty “Anti-hero” archetype I don’t know what is.

    As for the rest, I’ve told you how I feel about your trash talking. I don’t enjoy reading it, so I don’t. I wouldn’t tell you to stop anymore than I’ve told Bron to stop. As you’ve said, it’s JTs house, I’ll let him tell you not to track mud in it. If it weren’t for the fact that a few of the regulars seemed to stopp coming around right around the time the worst of it hit, I wouldn’t really care one way or the other.

  12. Buddha:

    The Silver Palate has a fine website withmost of their sauces on it. It’s at:

    I like teh Alfredo with a tad of color and add some tomoato sauce to get it to that pink color They do it for you and send it to you. I f you like to make it, go ahead. Use the tri-color totellini.

    Hope all this Super Bowl merriment won’t get in the way of all our favorite poster’s vitriol, as he recedes into the gloom, only to rise again as Count Waynebro, confessor to JT and the Jiminy Cricket to our moral lapses.

  13. Mike S:

    As Jimmy Cliff sang “The bigger they come, the harder they and all.” I’ve had to deal with a lot of very tough people in my time, some bigger than your claimed size and not one of them ever referenced their size as a threat.

    **I was actually admitting that I deserved an ass whipping, I was not trying to threaten anyone**

    In fact most really tough guys that I’ve known don’t come off that way. They don’t have to because they know they’re tough. You on the other hand, militarist w/o military service, have continually boasted about your toughness, one way or another.
    **I have never boasted about my toughness or lack thereof and you are right I have never served in the Armed forces of the United States and it is one of the disapointments of my life, I was 4fd when I tried to enlist due to an arm that would not straighten out all the way from a childhood injury**

    It leads me to believe that you do so because you’re bluffing and insecure. Maybe you are that big, though I doubt it, but frankly that doesn’t scare me.

    **yes I actually am that large and I used it as a physical trait so you could find me. I could have said the brown haired guy with blue eyes too, but figured from across a room you would not be able to tell**

    Although I’m 5 inches shorter, more than fifty pounds lighter and have disabling heart disease, you come off like a bully and bullies are easy to handle. That’s because they’re ignorant and overconfident that they won’t have to back up their bluster.

    **I have never blustered on this web site, I have stated my opinion which is to wit that “liberal philosophy is counter productive to human life on earth” I defy you to tell me one thing that liberals havent fucked up, from public housing to environmental regulations**

    You’ve been taken to school in many ways, by many people on this website and that is only in argument.

    **I havent heard one decent argument as to why Bush and Rove should be tried for torture or any other liberal position, its all he’s a PNAC Nazi. You tree dwellars dont even seem to know what a Nazi is***

    As Buddha has been saying, now your true Nazi side comes out. Will you be there in your fake SS uniform and jackboots so we can recognize you?
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    Be a person of your word and get lost.
    **why,so you can all feel good about being liberal and playing pudd knocker and trying to stick it fo GW and Karl**

  14. Really? Order the sauce? That must be some sauce. One disadvantage of growing up in New Orleans is that I don’t think I’ve had a jarred Alfredo since college. It was one of the first sauces I learned to make. But the homemade stuff, oh man, I might as well and put in a cork. I only make it once every 3 months, but next go around I’ll give that a shot.

  15. Well, back to my silent exile, watching you lofty superiors talk your highbrow speak, which mostly consists of bullying everyone who comes in here whom you don’t like and rallying together to post recipes when your brains can’t keep up with your keyboards.

    Enjoy pretending the trolls are me.

    Enjoy bad mouthing me and making up lies.

    Enjoy telling each other how superior you all are.

    I’ll enjoy reading about it, and watching as you clowns start to realize that Professor Turley stopped for the most part blogging in here, and talking with you people.

    And I’ll enjoy it even more when you figure out why.

  16. Hey Patty!

    How about helping a brother out with a lasagna recipe? I have sausage and beef, but I do like a good spinach lasagna too. Just never made one.

  17. Buddha:

    “Hey, I have both torellini and the makings for alfredo. Care to share the recipe?”


    Read it and weep –it’s that good:

    Tortellini Salad Alfredo

    # 1 pound meat-, mushroom- and/or cheese-filled tortellini
    # 2/3 cup Silver Palate Tomato Alfredo Pasta Sauce
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    Serves 6.

    I’d suggest ordering that sauce from them. It really is worth it.

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