Paper Chase and Resume Shred: Drunken Harvard 3L Charged With Ordering Police to Be His Chauffeurs . . . Or Else

200px-harvard_wreath_logo_1svgA Harvard Law School student has lost his job with the District Attorney’s office and faces criminal charges after an embarrassing encounter with the Boston Police Department. Charles C. Simpkins, a third-year law student has been charged with two counts, including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The police alleged that Simpkins was drunk when he came stumbling out of a Boston bar and got into a police cruiser. He then told the officers, “Give me a (expletive) ride, I work for the district attorney’s office.” The police then say that Simpkins said that he would “lie and cheat” if they did not do what he wanted and would destroy their careers.

This was one ride along that ended in criminal charges, though it seems that there may be a bit of overcharging. It is not clear who any of this amounted to resisting arrest, which is a charge that some officers to file far too freely as a way to stack counts against an accused.

He was fired by the District Attorney’s office a few days later.

The incident will put the school in a difficult position. However, I would personally oppose expulsion in such a case. This student was obviously drunk and will have to appear before a bar committee to get his license. There is ample punishment for a stupid act.

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6 thoughts on “Paper Chase and Resume Shred: Drunken Harvard 3L Charged With Ordering Police to Be His Chauffeurs . . . Or Else”

  1. This clown should be expelled. The bullying and threats are just a glimpse of what’s in store for the public some day… he needs to be stopped now.

  2. Perhaps he should have taken a summer associate position at a big law firm before interning with the district attorney. That way he could have built up greater tolerance for alcohol.
    What he did here is the classic drunk’s version of Tourettes.

  3. This student may have a hard time getting past the fitness committee in light of his actions. I am not sure that I would agree that he should be expelled, but if he has no chance of being passed by the bar committee, is he wasting his time? Since he is a 3L it probably does make sense for him to tough it out and be as clean as he can be from here on out and hope the bar committee people are forgiving. I have the same concerns that Mespo mentioned above. We don’t need another head case in the profession or another substance abuser.

  4. Been away for a day or so and when I get back another obnoxious lawyer story. Yeesh! I would have pity on the inebriated 3L too, but for the statement he would “lie and cheat” if the police did not do what he wanted and would destroy their careers. If true, and I find little reason to doubt it given the temerity of the undisputed part of the story, it evinces an attitude of deceptiveness, and “bullying by employment” that we really don’t need in the profession. I did not agree with the old system where law school deans kept out potential students for reasons both noble and not-so-noble, but there was considerable merit to excluding persons with dubious character. The job is just too important to entrust it to those who see it as a way to tower over others or for pure self-aggrandizement (see Blago, ex-governor). I would like to pass this off as “just the tequila talking,” but I keep hearing those little Latin words “in vino, veritas.”

  5. This poor boy was being mentored by Blago. That’s why he so endeared himself by offering to lie, cheat and ruin the officers. I also liked the church themed advertisement at the website–that was, until I scrolled down through the story only to be disappointed that they were offering firearms training instead of church acoutremonts.

  6. Now what’s the number one law school again? lol Way to go, Harvard!

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