Virginia Lawyer and Adjunct GW Law Professor Shot in Office

1934809_1Todd F. Sanders, 45, a Virginia lawyer and George Washington adjunct law professor was shot last night through his office window in Loudoun’s historic district. He was released after treatment for a non-life threatening wound.

I have never met Mr. Sanders but we are obviously thankful that he was not more seriously injured. He is listed as a Professorial Lecturer in Law at the school.

Unfortunately, lawyers are often targets for such attacks. Given the rarity of gunshots in this area, one has to suspect a connection to one of Sanders’ cases. He handles criminal cases in Virginia and is a former prosecutor.

The entire George Washington law school has extended our best wishes to him and his family for a speedy recovery.

For the full story, click here.

6 thoughts on “Virginia Lawyer and Adjunct GW Law Professor Shot in Office”

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  2. MERCIE,

    For some people, that material is the only one they are capable of producing that has any substance.

  3. This is a very scary situation. I hope the authorities are able to find the culprit(s) quickly and that the professor recovers completely.

  4. What the hell is going on? When I was a student guys just took a dump on the professors desk if they did not like him. (no I never did that I took my C or B like a man)

  5. I think I remember Todd from a moot court or trial advocacy competition I judged at T.C. Williams School of Law some years ago. I recall him being bright, articulate, and a credit to the School. I am disturbed to hear about this incident, and hope it was more random than intended.

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