Two Men Sentenced to Death for Translating Koran

158px-flag_of_afghanistansvgOur ally Afghanistan is given the world another legal atrocity: sentencing two men to death for translating the Koran (Quran). Ahmad Ghaws Zalmai thought that he was helping average Afghans gain access to the work since many do not read Arabic. Instead, the 54-year-old spokesman for the attorney general was arrested and accused of trying to make himself an prophet and to replace the Koran. As his own friends turned on him and his home was stoned, Zalmai tried to flee to Pakistan but was caught. The publisher and local cleric involved in the translation were also jailed.

Notably, there is no actual Afghan law prohibiting the translation of the Koran, but once again it is the Sharia law that governs these cases.

It is only the latest in an ever growing list of such outrages from the Afghan legal system, here and here and here and here.

For the full story, click here and here.

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  1. Buddha:

    And efficient too! How much did we spend in terms of blood and treasure to save these people? Did that too come with a warranty backed by Cheney at als?

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