Ken Lawson to Be Sentenced for Drugs While Former Clients Sue Over Malpractice

gavel2Drugs appear to have claimed another leading lawyer — cautionary tale for law students and lawyers alike. Ken Lawson has assembled a reputation in Kentucky for his defense of celebrities and suing police departments. Various clients have sued Lawson for malpractice and Lawson, 45, will be sentenced on federal drug-conspiracy charge.

Lawson’s license have been suspended, but he is now facing a torrent of lawsuit from former clients. Lawson admitted that he took many cases to pay for his addiction to pain killers: “I was a liar, a thief, a cheat,” Lawson said at the time. “That’s who I was.”

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4 thoughts on “Ken Lawson to Be Sentenced for Drugs While Former Clients Sue Over Malpractice”

  1. Adam C:

    I am in no way qualified to answer for Professor Turley, but I would humbly suggest any analysis of the US Constitution begins with reading “The Federalist Papers.” Who better to analyze the mousetrap than the original tinkers themselves?

  2. Jonathan, I have become a fan of your work first by watching you on Olbermann, and further through this site. I appreciate your thoughtful and principled viewpoint on matters of Constitutional Law. I am interested in learning more about the specifics of the US Constitution, and I have been looking for a good book which goes piece by piece through the document and helps with interpreting the language, wording and meaning. I was unable to find that, or any other books you have authored. My first question is, have you written any books (even if they don’t cover the matter above). And second, do you know of any good books out there that might be a good fit for what I am looking for? Can you recommend some reading for someone who is very interested in this, but has no law background? I am not looking to become a lawyer, but I think it’s important that this knowledge not be held by a select few. In addition, my daughter is getting older, and I would very much like to give her a solid understanding of these topics. Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!

  3. Bad day in Mississippi as I see Dickie Scruggs pled guilty to a mail fraud charge in the second case involving bribery of a Mississippi judge. Lots of big fish caught in the feds’ net.

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