Beating Beaty: Video Shows Fresno Police Repeatedly Hitting Homeless Man

police_arrestoggThe Fresno Police Department is investigating two officers videotaped beating a homeless man during his arrest. In the video below, the man, Glen Beaty, 52, is shown on the ground receiving hits to the head. Police Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged that ‘the initial reaction of people that view this video will be one of disbelief.”

Dyer insists that the man has a violent history in dealing with the police and that “[o]ne of the officers was punched by the suspect in the arm [and] had his badge ripped off of his shirt. There was also an attempt to jab the officer in the arm with a pen that the suspect had taken from the officer’s shirt.”

Regardless of how the investigation turns out in clearing or charging the officers, the case shows again how important such video tapes have become and why England’s criminalization of videotaping officers is so reactionary.

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5 thoughts on “Beating Beaty: Video Shows Fresno Police Repeatedly Hitting Homeless Man”

  1. Note that until he is punched, the two officers are not able to release that arm, which he is holding rigid.

    That’s because the cops are incompetent and weak. It doesn’t take “courage” to stand by incompetent and weak cops. It takes blind loyalty, a frequent cause of systemic incompetence and weakness.

  2. philosophicalcop:
    Since philosophy necessitates reasoned criticism of the subject matter, is it just a coincidence that you are a cop and have only presented the cop’s side of the argument? Surely there are other less damaging pain-compliance techniques than smashing a guy in the face! We in Los Angeles just payed out $13 million dollars due to police “indiscretion”. Do the taxpayers of Fresno have deep pockets as well?

  3. Interesting one here. I actually think those punches will be found in policy. They appear effective in convincing the suspect to give up that arm for handcuffing. Note that until he is punched, the two officers are not able to release that arm, which he is holding rigid. Probably a good use of punches to distract and complete the handcuffing technique.

    Now the only question is how hard the community will push back. Will the department have the courage to stand by these cops? Will PC”ness” win out again? We shall see…

  4. It won’t all collapse at once. Changes to group psychology usually comes in incremental steps. Steps just like this.

  5. This is just one more example of the police being allowed to beat a helpless person even though the video is very clear that the only thing he was doing was trying to protect himself. Even if the allegations by the police that he had punched an officer in the arm, it had to be earlier and because he was being uncooperative when the poolice were trying to get his arms behind him to handcuff him, he was repeatedly beaten in the head and face. If these officers aren’t fired from their jobs, there is no justice anymore.

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