Baseball Star Roberto Alomar Sued For Allegedly Giving Girlfriend AIDS From Unprotected Sex

alomar-sd1w180h247Former New York Mets player Roberto Alomar has been sued by his former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, 31, who says that Alomar gave her AIDS from unprotected sex. Once rare in torts, claims of negligent or intentional exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has become much more common in American courts under theories of negligence or battery or infliction of emotional distress. She is suing the Puerto Rican baseball star for $15 million.

Dall allegedly lived with the ex-Met for three years and say him develop serious health problems — leading to his being tested for AIDS in January 2006. while suffering from a cough, fatigue and shingles.

Soon after, he developed full blown AIDS.

His lawyer, Charles Bach, responded to the lawsuit by saying, “We believe this is a totally frivolous lawsuit. These allegations are baseless. He’s healthy and would like to keep his health status private. We’ll do our talking in court.” He would not confirm if Alomar has AIDS. His father, Mets bench coach Sandy Alomar, says that his son has never told him that he has AIDS and would have done so.

Dall, who has two children, says that a month after they began dating, Alomar allegedly convinced Dall to have unprotected sex and assured her he was disease-free.

Such cases have become common, often as a claim of battery. Other celebrities like Robin Williams have been sued for allegedly exposing women to herpes or other diseases.

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6 thoughts on “Baseball Star Roberto Alomar Sued For Allegedly Giving Girlfriend AIDS From Unprotected Sex”

  1. My son caught a foul ball[nice catch down the right field line near the foul pole..he brought his glove] in Comiskey off of Alomar. I always thought he was gay. NTTAWWT. But there is something very wrong w/ this if proven. We have never treated AIDS like an epidemic for PC reasons.

  2. He would have had to have known about his conditions for the spitting incident to have been a case of attempted murder. The cases with the women are at the very least reckless endangerment.

  3. It is an interesting case. Robbie Alomar was the major leaguer who spit on MLB umpire, John Hirshbeck. I recall the suspension was overturned, but I wonder what the result would have been if he really did have AIDS? Attempted murder?

  4. Alomar is a case study of a future Hall of Fame ballplayer destroyed by his own hubris. when will people and sports writers learn that athletes aren’t heroes?

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