Florida Judge Thomas Stringer Resigns Over Dealings With Stripper

image004Florida Judge Thomas E. Stringer Sr. has resigned after the disclosure of his dealings with a stripper, Christy Yamanaka, 48. Stringer was accused of helping Yamanaka of hiding assets from their creditors. The allegations were previously discussed on this blog.

While he previously declared that he would fight the charges, Stringer resigned shortly before he was to appear before the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Stringer is 64 and a married father with five adult children. He was Stetson University’s first black law school graduate and Hillsborough County’s first black circuit judge.

Yamanaka accused him of owing her money from jointly held Hawaiian property. Investigators claims that the judge and the stripper became friends in in 1995 and Stringer referred Yamanaka to his attorney son to help with her filing for a bankruptcy.

Yamanaka was being pursued for at least $315,000 by creditors and Stringer was accused of helping her hide assets with a series of bank accounts. He was the only listed owner on the Hawaii and allegedly allowed Yamanaka to live rent free.

Yamanaka shows that hell hath no fury like a stripper scorned. She has reportedly given the FBI documents to show wrongdoing by the judge and criticized Stringer for taking so long to resign.

He is not the only judge to resign recently over stripper problems. Chief Judge Edward Nottingham also left the bench under such a cloud.

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10 thoughts on “Florida Judge Thomas Stringer Resigns Over Dealings With Stripper”

  1. It would appear that Thomas Stringer was a crook long before the stripper incident and his outright fraud. Burned had little knowledge that his attorney and every attorney that argued in front of him paid to win those arguements. The worst part of that is it is entirely legal. Attorney Ralph Guito was one of his greatest contributors and, unfortunately for me, hired by my ex-wife. Long before his appointment to appellate bench he was making glaring unconstitutional rulings without regard for the law but definitly in concert with his pocketbook. The fraud, although now over twenty years old, that was perpetrated with the encouragement of Tom Stringer is now going to be revoiced as the statutes give me that right of redress. Go to hell Tom Styringer.

  2. In 1991 Judge Stringer presided over a divorce case between myself and then wife. His bailiff turned out to be my wife’s cousin. My attorney advised against asking the Judge to excuse himself because of the obvious connection to this case through his bailiff. I foolishly took my attorney’s advice and a few years after the rather rediculous proceedings were over, found that my ex-wife and Stringer had engaged in a personal relationship and are still acquainted today.

    1. Burned you said the judge had a bailif that was related to your ex wife; you also said the judge had a personal relationship with your ex-wife. Did he make a decision in fa or of your exeife ? Why is your ex wife asking for a divorce? Did the judge make an outlandish decision in her favor after something bad she did to you? Or are you just getting on the bandwagon because you messed
      Up your marrife and weren’t able to keep the cedpa? You also mentioned judge stringer had a personal relationship with your exeife. Do you mean friendship saying hello in
      The post office. A love affair dating? Your coments are very vague and inconclusive. I doubt the judge would make a decision for anyone based on past friendship. When you write dumb posts like yours it just wastes space. Would love to know the facts surrounding your divorce maybe you had some real good friends that your wife caught you with may r some guy or girl friends who knows only you your wife and the judge. Perhaps a really good friendship with a guy? Hmmm did you open up the closet door broken? See how statements can me misread.

  3. Stupid people he did nothing wrong but try to help a lying stealing stripper. He didn’t need to take her money. Just look at her track record and his that should speak for itself. She has cheated her creditors a worker at mercedees and now a judge however he did not allow her to extort him instead he let her try and embarrass him through the media. Why mention his race is race ever mentioned when a non black or hispanic person is accused of wrong doing. If i was african american i would be upset at just those comments. All he did was try to help her and went into busness with her but she ended up spending all of her share and wanted his share. The women went to get a boob job for over $20,000 and a tolite for 3 grand. When she ran out of money she didn’t pay rent and started asking him for more money whose robbing who. The media jumps all over stories like this and idiot people post ridiculous comments when they do not know the factds

  4. Judge Stringer

    I warned you about Ms. Yamanaka in 2005 when she went after my husband–she ruined his credit, got him fired from Mercedes after 23 year as a top sales person-
    what more can I say but I am really sorry you did not heed my warning!

    Now look at the mess you are in,I am sure your family is very discusted and hurt at your actions, as are your fellow Judges and the state of Florida!


  5. it doesnt have anything to do with race, a crook is a crook. He is a man with human failings.

  6. For most of my life, I placed judges on the highest pedestals of honor. I just do not understand why such judges as this man will shame themselves, their race, family, and their profession for something as frivolous as, well…

  7. Only one fact in this story seems remotely surprising; a 48 year old stripper. Man-o-man, the economy must really be bad if old ladies have to continue to strip.

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