Los Angeles City College Sued Over Christian-Based Presentation in Speech Class

corner Jonathan Lopez has filed a lawsuit against a professor and Los Angeles City College over his treatment after giving a speech on the Christian view of marriage in speech class. Lopez alleges that Professor John Matteson had made it clear that he supported same-sex marriage. He claims that Matteson allegedly attacked him verbally, refused let him complete his speech, effectively called him a “fascist bastard” and refused to give him a grade (telling him to “ask God” for his grade).

Matteson is listed as the co-director of Forensics at the Speech Department.

The complaint in Lopez v. Candaele, (CD CA, filed 2/11/2009) was filed with the support of the Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom, which litigates such claims. For a copy of the complaint, click here.

Lopez also alleges that Matteson told him that he would make sure that Lopez was expelled and told his entire class after the November election, “If you voted yes on Proposition 8, you are a fascist bastard.”

For the press release, click here.

For the full story, click here.

229 thoughts on “Los Angeles City College Sued Over Christian-Based Presentation in Speech Class”

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  2. I have taught English overseas, and required my students to write a two page report in English- any subject. I received a very anti semitic and ill informed report, that I simply refused to accept. I told the student why, and told him to use another subject, which he eventually did, but he did stir up some controversy at the school, and I had to explain to my supervisor why I would not accept his paper, which was filled with hatred and flat out lies. I felt like chewing this kid’s head off for such a hateful report, but I was firm, but cool. It probably cost me my job, because in Eastern Europe they have a casual attitude about racism and anti semitism.

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  4. Jon Abbey 1, March 9, 2009 at 11:59 am

    So glad to hear from the hebrew misfit himself, Mike S.

    Aren’t we all misfit? I still like Rudolph, do you? You know they have a home for you on the isle of ______________?

  5. I don’t know, I have a strong feeling that the student gave the speech to challenge the professor (who, I think, is gay?) and simply piss him off. It’s like you find out your professor is Muslim and give a speech bashing Muslims. And according to the comment the speech assignment was supposed to be informative. This by no means falls under the format of an informative speech.

  6. “I was ridiculed by the liberal professor, if you can call her that. In fact, she incited an American Indian student in class to get rightous with me. I chose not to beat the monkey crap out of this pathetic excuse for an indigenous person, but rather calmly diffused the escalating situation by exiting the calssroom prudently”

    Is little jonny back once more? The quote above from his initial post not only is unbelievable, as is his story about attending the school, but evokes the picture of a physical coward who ran away rather than stand up to imagined bullying.
    When I and others pointed out he was lying and also his thinly disguised bigotry, he then got into the”tough guy” mode casting aspersions on peoples masculinity. Doing that in this context was not only juvenile, but a indication of his essential stupidity. To put it another way Jon Abbeys debating style is:

    1. Lie profusely.

    2. When caught insult with stuff that would be too immature
    for a ten year old.

    3. Waste everyone’s time with inanity

    Keep it up jonny and someday you might even be grown up enough for you to allow yourself to be called a dittohead.
    However, at this point I think even that group of cretins would be embarrassed by you. Perhaps though I’m giving them too much credit.

  7. Bron, I also hope that you to can learn from others who don’t quite share your value system, or liberal bent. Unfortunately, you are not intellectually honest enough, or humble enough to realize that others who think differently and perceive the world differently then you or your fellow-bloggers might have something intelligent and noteworthy to share. I sadly feel you are mightily impressed by the buffoons on this blog and are desperatley in need of there validation. Oh well, I guess we all need someone or something to champion, and you have your TIN GODS in Buddhaman and Mike S. You claim that I spew invectives, you and your cronies spew as much invective with your own brand of acid tongue, so please spare me the “Why don’t you just listen and learn”, mumbo jumbo. Remember Bron the most elusive of all virtues is humility, because just when you think you are humble you are proud again……………

  8. anyone know what is going on with this? I’ve searched the net and don’t see any updates. THANK YOU

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