Homicide by Exercise: Transgender Wife Confesses To Killing Elderly Husband With Excessive Exercise

small_newton-john-decEverything about a murder in Chardon, Ohio is perfectly bizarre. Christine Newton-John, 41, (formerly John Vallandingham before a sex operation) has confessed to killing her husband James Mason, 71, by keeping him exercising and refusing to allow him out of a swimming pool.

Newton-John was videotaped pulling Mason around the pool and, on at least 43 occasions, refusing to allow him to leave the water despite the fact that he repeatedly rest his head on the side of the pool and was seen gasping for breath. He ultimately had a heart attack and died.

Newton-John has been previously accused of abusing Mason and pleaded guilty to homicide. She faces, however, only five years in prison.

Mason appears to have know John Vallandingham and his family for years before she became Christine and named herself after the star from the musical “Grease.” They were able to marry in Kentucky in 2006, where you are allowed to change the gender on your birth certificate.

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5 thoughts on “Homicide by Exercise: Transgender Wife Confesses To Killing Elderly Husband With Excessive Exercise”

  1. CORRECTION to your story: Chris Newton-John altered her Kentucky BIRTH CERTIFICATE – NOT marriage certificate – from MALE to FEMALE (ONLY allowed in Kentucky…now THAT’s a story in itself!) which enabled the legal marriage to James Mason. For the most detailed account of this story, GOOGLE: “wkyc: middlefield: transgender woman admits to causing husband’s heart attack”…and for my comments about having known CNJ (1980-1993) when she was the he, John Leslie Vallandingham, GOOGLE: “writing divas, christine newton-john”…it may help to fill in the blanks for thore of you who have questions due to most of the media’s omission of much of the background which led up to the eventual swimming torture/murder.

  2. CL:

    You will have to be more clear whether you are speaking of the singer or the defendant.

  3. I think if anyone should get the death penalty, it is people who torture others to death. Clearly Newton-John didn’t have concern for human dignity.

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