The Bitters: Oregon Proposes a 1900% Tax Increase in Beer

180px-pintjugThis would be enough to get reach for a stiff drink . . . if it weren’t prohibitively expensive. Oregon legislators are proposing a 1900% tax increase so voters not only have to face the economic crisis but do it without beer.

Oregon House Bill 2461, which would impose a $49.61 tax on each barrel of beer produced by Oregon brewers.

The money would go to fund prevention, treatment and recovery programs for those addicted to alcohol and other substances. The increase is meant to fill a $4.15 billion shortfall — the equivalent of roughly four days that we spend on the war effort.

Legislators trying to fill budget gaps across the country can also rely on recent studies showing a correlation between tax increases and sobriety.
. Yet, there has been no study on the political impact of when people finally sober up and realize how legislators in Congress and the states have fouled up the economy. Fortunately, scientists are now working on a pill to erase bad memories.

The tax plan could prove devastating to Oregon’s native beer makers, forcing some to leave the state.

For now, you will at least know the answer to what ales you in Oregon and other states.

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45 thoughts on “The Bitters: Oregon Proposes a 1900% Tax Increase in Beer”

  1. Sally:

    Ah, restaurateurs have a better lobby than grocers? Hey,ho way to go Ohio!

  2. People will just drive across state lines to get beer.

    We can’t buy beer at a store on Sundays in Indiana (but we can in a restaurant, how much sense does that make?)

    So we will often drive over to Ohio, which is only ten mintues away

  3. Bron98:

    “Mespo, is it virtue if you quit because you are taxed?”


    No, it is virtue only if you assent to be taxed because you quit.

  4. The only good reason for a society to keep its citizens’ vices cheap and available is because a frustrated, twitched-up, pissed off citizenry is a very dangerous beast. If TV wasn’t the drug of choice of the masses would the Govt. be subsidizing the change-over cost to the public with $40.00 coupons? Keeping us tranked and distracted is the front line against cities in flames

    Me, I’m a beer-a-day drinker. It keeps me mellow while I watch/read the news. I wonder how many people out there are just one beer away from revolution?

  5. JT is on to something, if we tax beer, smokes, drugs and prostitution we will have a moral upright(uptight?) society. By god finally something taxes are good for. What God cant do the government can.

    Mespo, is it virtue if you quit because you are taxed?

  6. Jericho,

    To be fair, I don’t think the average Joe Six Pack drinks much beer from Oregon. They tend to be medium to high priced craft brews like Bridgeport (I really like Beer town Brown), Deschutes (My favorite of their beers is their seasonal “Twilight Ale” , Fish, or Rogue (I tend to think Rogue’s over hopped and over priced, but they have a pretty loyal following).

    I did a bit of ‘research’ last night, and was dying for an excuse to share it.

  7. They’re off again attacking Joe Six Pack.

    I have an idea for a 1900% tax increase for champagne, private jets, bailouts and unneeded millions you have(/had) in the bank.

  8. Buddha:

    thank you that actually means a lot to me. and I most certainly do believe in the rule of law, liberty and fairness. And you are right I am still a free market guy, hope springs eternal in fisherman and capitalists (at the least the kind I envision).

  9. Bron,

    You’ve graduated. You woke up. You are no longer a troll. So please don’t think greta-bot there is in the same category. You’re evolving. Trolls don’t. They picked evil and they are staying with it. You have moved into the category of loyal opposition – your goals are not totally out of alignment with those of the regulars (upholding the peace and stability, justice, the rule of law, the promotion of liberty and the inherent rights therein) even if you do differ on methodology. This is evidenced by your changing attitudes and arguments. Plus, I’ll be a dollar she IS really paid based on the bot assisted spammy nature of how she posts. You may have been initially deceived and misinformed, but with her, it’s a career choice. A further example of the mindset that needs to be excluded from process.

    No comparison at all. You are now welcome here, not just by me, but by all concerned by what I’ve read – even when there is disagreement. She is not. Nor is she likely to ever change.

    Thanks for defending the forum. It’s further evidence of how far you’ve come because I am sure the “Early Bron Age” Bron would have not have given a damn.

  10. Greta:

    as a troll myself at least have some of your own thoughts, dont give the rest of us a bad name.

  11. Greta Von Troll,
    You should actually read the nonsense that you are spewing. I hope your paycheck is worth selling yourself to the dark side.

  12. Yep, it wasn’t my imagination.

    The quality of the paid trolls is going right in the toilet. Which is convenient because they won’t have to leave the room to hookup with their GOP masters assuming it’s an airport bathroom.

  13. Rasmussen: Just 38% Say Stimulus Plan Will Help Economy, plurality say it was payback for election support.

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