Islamic Television Founder Beheads Wife in New York

0_61_021609_bridgesMuzzammil Hassan, 44, the founder of an Islamic television station in New York, has been charged with beheading of his wife, Aasiya Hassan, 37. Ironically, Hassan founded the Bridges TV station in Buffalo to dispel stereotypes of Muslims and has now contributed to such stereotypes in his alleged murder of his wife. She was murdered at the Bridges television offices.

Thus far, he is charged with second-degree murder. It is not clear why first-degree was not charged on these facts. [Update: reports indicate that the wife’s sister may have heard the attack.]

Reporters indicate that Hassan went to the police station at 6:20 p.m. and confessed to the murder, which could have resulted in a lower charge. However, usually cooperation in such murder cases results in the prosecutors dropping the death penalty or a demand for the maximum sentence.

She has called police repeatedly to the house on domestic violence allegations and had filed for divorce in January. Under a protection order, he was supposed to move out of the home in February.

The couple had two children, 4 and 6 and he had two other children, 17 and 18, from a previous marriage.

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6 thoughts on “Islamic Television Founder Beheads Wife in New York”

  1. Bron,
    The only thing that a handgun would do for her is get her killed sooner and probably injure one of the kids. Now, if you are talking about baseball bats, the Defendants knees could use a little straightening out!

  2. Perhaps all Muzzammil will need to do is say in court that Allah told him do it pursuant to Muzzie’s interpretation of Islamic law and Islam’s customs of treating women as 3rd Class human baggage…Not Guilty by reason of insanity.

  3. I too wonder why this isn’t a first degree filing. He shows clear evidence of malice aforethought and he planned well enough to go to the office armed. To me, this filing only opens the door a little wider for an insanity defense – a necessary but sometimes abused tool. I’m sure it’ll be a hard sell in this case though. The guy’s elevator is clearly skipping more than one floor, but whether that meets the legal standard is doubtful. He was functional enough to run TV station, he knew beheading someone was wrong.

  4. a very good reason for personal protection, had she been armed she would still have her head and we would be reading about his death. Knives dont kill people crazy people kill people.

    The NRA offers classes in the safe use of firearms, they can be reached in Fairfax, VA at their main headquarters on Waples Mill Rd.

  5. What better way to erase the stereotypes of Arab Americans than beheading your estranged wife. It appears that he also violated an order of protection which did her absolutely no good. Maybe this is an example why police need to provide 24 hour protection from a husband like this. Or maybe have a hearing to lock this guy up as a menace to his wife and kids. If you can keep a sex offender in jail after his sentence is completed on the basis that he is a menace to society, why can’t wives be protected by jailing the abusive husband?

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