Texas Legislator Moves to Impeach Judge Sharon Keller Over Execution of Prisoner

images3keller_sharon_newTexas Rep. Lon Burnam has filed a resolution seeking an impeachment investigation of Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Sharon Keller, who has been denounced around the world for her refusal to keep a court office open to allow the filing of a late appeal in a death case. The prisoner, Michael Richard, was executed that night.

Keller was long viewed as hostile to death row cases and was given the nickname “Killer Keller.”

The incident has led to a movement to remove Keller on various sites.
Keller admits that she ordered the clerks office to close despite being informed of the late filing on Sept. 25, 2007. The late filing was due to computer problems of defense counsel. Keller’s outrageous decision led to a change in the court’s rules. However, it is clear that she lacked even a modicum of humanity in the matter by treating a final round death appeal like a late civil filing.

Keller is probably fine given the control of both houses by the GOP. However, the impeachment demand will put considerable pressure on her allies to forgive a clearly abusive decision.

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6 thoughts on “Texas Legislator Moves to Impeach Judge Sharon Keller Over Execution of Prisoner”

  1. State Rep. Lon Burnam has a long and illustrious history of being a voice for the voiceless and defender of those who can’t protect themselves! He is a Texas treasure!

  2. Texas has been electing judges since 1876 and is one of only seven states that holds partisan judicial elections.

    “Nothing brings out the lower traits of human nature like office-seeking. Men of good character and impulses are betrayed by it into all sorts of meanness.”

    –Millard Fillmore

  3. Texas is trying hard to set some sort of record in stupidity in the Courthouse. I would applaud an impeachment of this so-called judge, but I am not holding my breath.

  4. Buddah

    Not to worry. The GOP-controlled Texas legislature will most likely ignore, delay, obfuscate, decry and otherwise obstruct the impeachment. Then, if GWB is any kind of barometer of Texas logic, they’ll confer a humanitarian or legal excellence award on Judge Keller.

  5. Forgive an abusive decision? I thought they rewarded judges for that in Texas.

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