Scientology Solves 9-11: Psychiatrists Did It

488px-scientology_symbolsvgThere seems to be an endless series of theories as to what occurred 9-11. Homosexuality, Israel, abortion, and other causes have been cited by religious groups. Given those theories, it is perhaps not so surprising that Scientology has come to claim its standard villains: psychiatrists.

It appears that with a bit of auditing, Osama Bin Laden would have ended up as an extra in Hollywood with a promising career in the arts.

In this bizarre interview, members of the Scientology’s “Citizens Commission On Human Rights,” hold forth how not just 9-11 but terrorism generally is “manufactured by psychiatrists operating behind the scenes.”

Larry Byrnes, the host of the “No Drug Show,” and his guest David Figueroa, hold forth on such theories as how Ayman al-Zawahiri is the hidden hand of psychiatry behind Osama Bin Laden and how such terrorism may be in the planning by psychiatrists in your neighborhood. Chilling stuff. If they can show a linkage to the terror of Barry Manilow, I will be on my way to the next auditing session.

For the interview, click here.

19 thoughts on “Scientology Solves 9-11: Psychiatrists Did It”

  1. So the latest troll is “Bilbo.” Bilbo is the name of the racist Mississippi politician. Why did he or she pick that nickname? Very interesting.

    Wiki says: Bilbo was also outspoken in his belief that blacks should not be allowed to vote anywhere, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution to the contrary. There were many allegations of disenfranchisement by black veterans, along with allegations that his campaign tactics provoked violence.

    Bilbo was reelected to a third Senate term in 1946, but in 1947, the United States Senate refused to seat Bilbo for this term (After being suspected of openly inciting violence against blacks who wanted to vote).

  2. There’s a law that just past in China forbidding people who are pretending to be experts from speaking in public. I see a use for that law! I love how these guys were all just pulling things out of their butts. It was one random, unsupported statement after another.


    I won’t disagree that psychiatry has a long way to go. There have been many destructive assumptions in psychiatry that have nothing to do with science. There are legitimate questions about the pharmacopia. These questions should continue to be asked and addressed. I only ask you to sort through what has been helpful to people who are suffering. Eventually, if we keep seeking them out, I think we will find less dangerous treatments. In the meantime if a more dangerous treatment is the only one that relieves suffering then people need that choice in their life. This is true of many diseases, not just brain disease. Basically our medicine is often rather barbaric. I’m hoping for much safer and more effective prevention and treatment in the future.

  3. Tunis:

    “Maybe I’m being stupid here but can someone tell me what the goal of psychiatry is?”


    Admitting I have no particular expertise in this field, I suppose the goal, like that of most of medicine,is to understand maladies affecting the human condition (here the psyche), and to propose methods to ameliorate or cure them.

  4. Maybe I’m being stupid here but can someone tell me what the goal of psychiatry is?

    Before we criticize a subject, let’s take a look at what that subject is.

    What is the goal of psychiatry?
    What are the achievements of psychiatry?

  5. raff,

    Good work, sir! My Otis bestow his blessings, may your beer be cold, and your cell door remain perpetually unlocked.

  6. Buddha,
    I just said a prayer to that Mayberry God, Otis, asking for his intercession in ridding this site of the repeating trolls. I will also light a candle in a beer bottle to complete the Otisian prayer.

  7. Ode to a Straying Hobbit

    Trolls aren’t hobbits
    And hobbits aren’t trolls,
    But clearly your stupidity
    Has taken a toll.

    So pack up your tools,
    Return to the Shire,
    Because Neocon values
    Are being thrown in the fire.

    Your wit is dull
    And your head is in a fog,
    For when We the People come
    We’ll feed you to Smaug.

  8. The Shrinks are behind all terrorism?? What are these guys smoking? Soes Scientology encourage smoking some wacky tobacky before their regular meeting? This is as stupid as the Religious Right’s claims that Prof. Turley hints at. Buddha, you are right about Otis. He is a god!

  9. In his defense, Mike S holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW), if I’m not mistaken.

    He is not an MD.

  10. O.K. Xenu,

    I’m on to you! I watched the interview, I’ve heard the song. Now I know the truth and here it is:

    “Lady take me
    hight upon a hillside
    High up where the stallian meets the sun.

    Could this be the magic at last?”

    No one could write this stuff without direct injection of psychotropic medication. Reading it creates the need for massive doses thereof. I must now agree, psychiatry is surely the force behind the evil that is BM.

  11. On the other hand, traditional religions create whackos too when misapplied.

    Put another score in the “Insanity for Jesus” column. I’m sure JT will likely be posting a thread on this if/when he sees it.

    It’s weird all right.

    Crazy like a jilted astronaut weird . . .

  12. If seamus said it, I believe it. So I’m not saying anything bad about the “BM” here, but it’s hard to trust a “religion” where the Holy Trinity are Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Greta Van Sustern.

    Personally, if you have to use celebrity spokesmen, I’ve always preferred Mojo Nixon’s religion. His Holy Trinity are Elvis, Foghorn Legohorn and Otis the Drunk from Mayberry. Much more user friendly.

    And a good dressing down of those straying from the flock by Brother Leghorn is not only entertaining, but highly effective.

    A lot like talking to seamus, actually, but with a Southern accent.

  13. Mock the Manilow again Turley, and Xenu will destroy your pitiful planet. End communication.

  14. So, this is why Tom Cruise was jumping on the couch. He was expressing his rage at couches as implements of psychiatry.

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