Last Call: Japanese Finance Minister Resigns Over Alleged Drunken Scene at G7

shoichi_nakagawaJapan’s Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa has announced that he will resign after getting drunk at last weekend’s G7 summit in Rome. The video is below. It may be a bad economic sign when the finance ministers of major countries are self-medicating in this fashion.

Nakagawa was facing a censure motion in the legislature over his embarrassing choice for an alcohol-laden road trip. Nevertheless, he continues to insist that jetlag and cough mixture made him loopy. Various witnesses described him as bumping into doorframes and past drinking bouts.

In one video in 2006, Nakagawa stopped speaking during a speech and remained motionless for about half a minute before sitting down. On that occasion, he blamed back medicine. Perhaps he should switch to herbals.

For the video, click here.

The incident has even been remixed, click here and here.

For the full story, click here and here.

5 thoughts on “Last Call: Japanese Finance Minister Resigns Over Alleged Drunken Scene at G7”

  1. And if all the greedy evil doers fell on their swords in the US, the Republicans would finally achieve their goal of no government.

  2. I’ll have you know that Roland Burris specifically said he would be too embarrassed to be seen in public if the allegations against him were true. You don’t see him hiding do you? Proof positive he did nothing wrong.

  3. I suggest he immigrate here and in 9 years run for the Senate. He’s love the booze, broads, and bribery culture! Ask Roland Burris, he’s rounding the last turn and heading back up the track towards broads and booze, if he hasn’t gotten there already. Bass-akwards, makes sense to me for these pols.

  4. This is a interesting sign. I remember the days in Japan when a Japanese could apologize for saying and doing damn near anything to another Japanese by saying they were drunk at the time. Really. You could be drunk and call your bosses wife a “bloated warthog” and as long as you were contrite enough in your apology, it wasn’t “cool” necessarily, but it was accepted. It’s a cultural thing. Then again, this clown caused the COUNTRY to lose face. Also a cultural thing. One the Japanese do not take lightly. So maybe it’s not as dire as it looks on the surface. At least he didn’t hurl on anyone (that we know of anyway). He did the honorable thing in resigning, so his personal fallout should be fairly limited.

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