Smell Test: Air-O-Matic Sues Over Use of “Pull My Finger”

airomaticlogoIt appears that it will take a federal court to clear the air over a trademark dispute over the phrase “Pull My Finger” and the rights to iFart. Florida-based Air-o-Matic and Colorado-based InfoMedia, Inc. are in court over the allegations of Air-o-Matic that Infomedia infringed its trademark and engaged in unfair business practices.

The dispute began when iFart began using phrase “pull my finger” in advertisements and Air-o-Matic objected that “Pull My Finger” is part of its brand identity. Both companies sell a range of competing software applications, or “apps.”

InfoMedia insists that the phrase is a common “descriptive” term and indeed, as the father of four (with three boys under 10) I can attest to its wide use in a variety of circumstances.

It will be up to the court whether Air-o-Matic passes the smell test.

For a copy of the complaint, click here.

For the full story, click here.

Kudos to Jonathan Meyer for this story

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  1. CEJ

    Yes I did catch that. I was so impressed I wrote Dave a letter. It meant a lot to me, a Hicks fan of long standing, because Dave was my introduction to Bill Hicks and I was watching the night that edit happened. Letterman showed real character and pulled no punches on himself. But more importantly, you could tell it meant a lot to Bill’s mom, Mary. She seems like a really nice woman and it was obvious through his act that, even though he made fun of them, Bill loved his parents very much. Honestly, I think the whole “a gold fish left Lincoln Logs in my sock drawer! That’s the story of Jesus!” is one of Bill’s funniest bits.

    If I remind you of Bill in ANY way, that is just a huge compliment, sir, H.U.G.E. I thank you from the bottom of my silly iconoclastic heart (although I’ve been told it’s a pre-existing condition and may not be covered by insurance).

    One lives to be of service.

  2. Buddha:
    I share your wish Bill Hicks was still alive today; along with Janis Joplin and Roy Orbison all three great “Texans” who died too soon! Did you catch Bill’s mom Mary on Letterman a couple weeks ago; Dave apologized for his censorship of Bill’s last appearance and played the tape; it was so good to see. If you missed it you can catch on Youtube. Thanks for so often in your own work here displaying a touch (okay more than a touch, you silly iconoclast) of the same shared sensibility!
    “It’s just a Ride!”

  3. And MERCIE,

    Come on, I’ve been to Austin many times. You must know how totally and completely different it is from any place else in the state.

  4. Mercie:

    Of course, you’re correct, but why do those rednecks always seem to get positions of prominence? Somebody’s voting for them.

  5. i have practiced law in austin, texas for 13 years and grew up in el paso, texas. texas is a very very big state with a large population—please know that we are not all ignorant rednecks!!!

  6. Reminds me of the Red Foxx joke: God gave farts a smell too so hearing impaired people could enjoy them.

  7. Texas’ penance will last an eternity, I fear. Molly Ivins and Ann Richards were just a start (and Hicks!).

  8. FFLEO,

    In a fit of fairness, I’ll stipulate some good has come from Texas in the form of both humor (ex. – the late, great Bill Hicks) and music (ex. – the first 8 ZZ Top albums and SRV in toto).

    Then again, I find some of mankind’s greatest art comes from the oppressed.

  9. In Texas, that phrase and associated “joke” was common in the 1950s. See you anti-Texans on this forum, Texans do at least have a “scent” of humor.

    Furthermore, look at the tremendously cruel presidential joke Texans played on the entire world. That joke stunk worst of all and the awful smell from “pulling the wrong voting lever” will linger forevermore.

  10. I think my Uncle Scott may want to seek joinder here, as he’s been branding himself in this manner since at least Passover of 1986.

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