McDonald’s Worker Denied Worker’s Compensation After Being Shot on Videotape

thumb_1235091362625_0p019116444479984618It was bad enough when Nigel Haskett was shot at McDonald’s in Little Rock, Arkansas. The worker had rushed to helped a woman who was struck by a man and was shot three times. He was then told by Claims specialist Misty Thompson with insurance company Ramsey, Krug, Farrell and Lensing responded, that he had no right to worker’s compensation for his injuries. Hasket required three surgeries at a cost of $300,000 in medical bills and six months recovery.

In her statement, she states “we’ve denied this claim in its entirety, it’s our opinion that Mr. Haskett’s injuries did not arise out of or within the course of his employment.”
Haskett’s boss Ray Nosler is trying to help with the creation of a fund and had no role in the denial of the claim.

What is particularly galling for many is that the insurance company noted that Haskett violated McDonald’s policy, which says in a robbery situation it tells employees not to do anything that would put themselves or anyone else in danger. Nice.

McDonald’s, it seems, could do a bit more here as a company. One obvious act would be to support him in his claim publicly and pledge to cover his expenses. While the policy may be to encourage employees not to try to thwart a robbery, this was an effort to protect a woman and customers from a violent individuals.

This is not a unique situation. Walmart fired two managers in 2007 for thwarting a robbery. Yet, in another case, employees were fired for not taking action that they believed would have resulted in being shot, here.

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  1. How basic human empathy has deteriorated at the Golden Arches.

    In July, ’84, my partners & I entered McDonald’s San Ysidro after a madman had shot 40 people – including kids with french fries in their hands.

    The next day – with her attorneys begging her not to do it – Joan Kroc sat down at a folding table at the massacre site and wrote out $100,000 checks to those who lost a relative, “because I felt like I had to do something.”

    She then went to the hospitals all over San Diego, to visit the wounded.

    Of course, many of those who got the big bucks used their checks to hire a Hispanic law firm, which in turn filed a monster class action suit.

    But the initial humanity was there, and it was an impressive thing to see.

    Those of us who knew Joan Kroc also knew she was a witch on wheels.

    Until somebody got hurt.

    There’s a moral here somewhere.


    And a good one! McD’s released this statement and e-mail but Mr. Nosler (you’ll see) is a stand up fellow.

    “Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s to let us know your thoughts on this unfortunate incident.

    This restaurant is an independently owned McDonald’s and an insurance claim is still pending. As such, it is not appropriate for us to comment on it, however, the owner/operator, Ray Nosler, has shared the following statement publicly about this case:

    February 24, 2009
    My highest priority is the safety and security of my customers and employees.

    I stand behind Nigel Haskett. I believe he acted as a Good Samaritan. Concerning the critical matter of his medical expenses, it is important to note that the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Commission ultimately decides the outcome of his claim. As part of this process, Nigel’s case will be presented to a Worker’s Compensation judge, who will review all of the facts and decide on the case’s merits.

    McDonald’s supports Nigel’s claim, and fully anticipates the judge in this process will find in Nigel’s favor. As a safeguard, if for some reason his claim is denied, and other insurance options are unavailable, I intend to cover the cost of his medical expenses.

    I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do for Nigel.

    Ray Nosler, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center


  3. I bet if this guy sued, he’d lose solely on the basis that he was not drunk at the time. If this employee had been drunk, then he would have had a case.

    It seems that others have been so sucessful at suing for injuries caused by their own stupidity while drunk, so why not be drunk at work? It wouldn’t have been his fault that he was drunk at work…it would have been his neighbors brother’s best friends mother’s aunt’s sister-in-law son’s best friend fault. Not his.

    McDonald’s food is disgusting anyways

  4. Hey, I just noticed I got a promotion.

    From dragon to magic dragon. Cool.

    Although I’ll stick with my current nick. Baphomet Is Laughing doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  5. Jill,

    Your call for more protest “Protesting to make our leaders accountable is important” is encouraging. I’d like to see much more of it. I have a health problem or two so my marching days are over and that’s a real loss to me. Now I just pace around my living room to bleed-off politically motivated frustration- bah, humbug!.

    I think people forgot how good they make you feel to just get out in the street and march around ‘in common purpose’. It really improves your mental health. One of the most heartening things I saw recently was the spontaneous demonstration spring up on wall street during the first TARP debate/battle. It was inspiring.

    The crowds that President Obama would attract and the celebrations they would become brought tears to my eyes. We’ve still got the spirit in us, I just don’t know how it can be tapped in a sustained manner. Maybe things still aren’t bad enough to get people out into the street. Maybe it’s a generation of fast food that’s clogged us up and constipated our urge to physical activism. Another good reason to stop eating at McDonnalds 😉

  6. Nigel Haskett was advancing the benefit of his employer. Looks like he was on the clock, (in uniform) and his actions take place on company property. I hope the Workman’s Compensation Judge rules in his favor.

  7. “whooliebacon
    1, February 21, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Based on the neocon theory that corruption drives the economy, 400 dollars an hour.”

    Loved the answer but considering the wage ratios between the lowest paid and highest paid workers in fortune 500 companies the burger slapper should be getting about 400 time his/her minimum wage so that works out to around $3000.00 an hour, and lets not forget the stock options, golden parachute and retention bonus. I sure hope this story gets some play because McDonald’s need s general boycott until they do the right thing. I’ll pass the link on to other blogs I read.

    I got one thing to say and that’s the Battle of Matewan, May 19, 1920.”

    If my memory for labor history is correct wasn’t the Matewan uprising the second largest armed insurrection in the country’s history? As well isn’t that where the insurrectionists took to identifying themselves with red bandannas around the neck (to differentiate from the local and Pinkerton hired guns) and the term ‘redneck’ was born. Ghod bless unions.

    Jill, I haven’t given up on Obama- his time in office is only 31 days after all. But I do start my day emailing the White House as elected officials as appropriate to what’s on my mind. If everybody that wrote an email to a blog to b**** about a politician started the day writing (or telephoning, if they have the money) that politician the Republic would probably be in better shape. Stay optimistic.

  8. mayberry
    1, February 21, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    ‘Stock Market Gives Obama’s First Month An ‘F”…

    As if anyone cares about THEIR opinion. Since when does one care about the hurt widdle feewings of the clowns who got us into this mess. Geez! Infact, if they give Obama an “F”, then he’s doing the country a great service.

  9. Wow,
    Some new Von Troll family members have infested this thread. We will have to find a troll exterminator on Craigs List.
    Jill, the Russians lost in large part due to our financial and military support of the Aghan freedom fighters. They also were not attacked by extremists based in Afghanistan. I also stated that we cannot win it with the military alone. We have to win the hearts and minds and that is a tough job after the mess caused by the Bush Administration.

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