Police Move to Arrest Suspect in Chandra Levy Murder

0_61_022009_levy1_3200_62_022109_ingmar_320 The police are reportedly close to making an arrest in the unsolved murder case of Chandra Levy after eight years. Police are reportedly seeking an arrest warrant for Ingmar Guandique, who is in jail for assaulting two women in Rock Park. That is the same park where Levy’s remains were found.

The warrant is reportedly based on a jailhouse snitch and the fact that Guandique changed his story when confronted — he has reportedly acknowledged to seeking Levy several times in the park.

An arrest (and conviction) would be further vindication for ex-California Rep. Gary Condit. People like Dominick Dunne were sued for virtually declaring his guilt based on “sources.” In Dunne’s case, his “source” was a “horse whisperer.” For a prior column, click here.

For the full story, click here.

14 thoughts on “Police Move to Arrest Suspect in Chandra Levy Murder”

  1. You know I’m glad they finally got around to getting this creep. Hopefully Chandra can finally rest in peace and her family live in peace knowing this creep has finally been brought to answer for his foul ugly crime.

    I can’t help but note the nostalgia of hearing of the case and as much as it pains me to say it I just can’t help but get a little misty thinking of the world we lived in back when this story originally aired.

    Back then all we ever heard about was the Chandra Levy case. The newly minted 24 hour news channels had little to talk about once Bill Clinton’s impeachment fell flat on the Senate floor and so they played this story to death, no pun intended. This was all we heard about, 24×7. Remember? Gary Condit, Chandra Levy and all the hype they made about it.

    In fact, they ruined that mans life. Now admittedly he was having an out of wedlock affair with a younger albeit consensual and of legal age girl, but as we see now he didn’t kill her.

    But you wouldn’t have known that if you watched CNN or the other news channels. No sir. They had him so painted as her murderer. Of course to be fair so did the cops, or at least he was a key “person of interest” in their investigation. But the press skewered him, and most of us seriously suspected him thanks to their pre-trial sentencing of the man.

    Well, now we see they were wrong. Surprise surprise.

    But what I am embarrassed to say to me is more painful, is the recollection of those carefree days. Those beautiful, profitable, peaceful years of the digital age Norman Rockwell America that we enjoyed courtesy of the two Bill’s and the two Steve’s and John.

    Clinton, Gates, Jobs, Wozniak and Chambers..

    And all the wonderfully smart and driven people that worked for them and or competed against them. Man those were the days. I thought our brains would never stop growing and the money would never stop flowing.

    Then came Bush, and hell followed with him.

    All that good stuff just sorta,..went away. It all got really ugly, really fubar’d and really, really ignorant.

    And it hasn’t been the same since.

    So as sad as it is I can’t help but get a little nostalgic as I muse back to those days when the only thing the 24×7 news shows had to talk about was this one unsolved murder.

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    You’d have a lot more credibility if we’d have seen your outrage when Bush accomplished all these wrongs which you now ascribe to Obama. Dogmatist have no credibility under any Administration, or with any thinking group of persons. I suggest you “cut and paste” your comments to the Rush Limbaugh website. It’s a less discerning crowd, with standards that accept the rantings of drug addled lunatics.

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