Santa Slip and Fall: Chicago Woman Sues Allegedly Drunk Santa For Falling On Her

santa-claus-4-tnAntoinette Basso has filed a lawsuit alleging that she alleges that she was severely injured by a failing inebriated Santa Clause. The allegedly stewed Santa was Daniel Aulwes, who Basso claims fell on her and pushing her face first into the sidewalk outside of a Chicago restaurant.

Basso is claiming $50,000 for “pain … disability and disfigurement.”

It has long been rumored that the red nose and cheeks were alcohol induced. Alcohol lowers your blood pressure by opening up your blood vessels and gives people the characteristic red nose.

This is only the latest potential Santa suit, here. In New Jersey, the Santas have tort claims against the naughty attacked by wild animals. Indeed, Santa sightings in court range from murder to property damage to parole violations.

There are also a slew of race and gender discrimination suits involving the hiring of Santa, here and here.

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2 thoughts on “Santa Slip and Fall: Chicago Woman Sues Allegedly Drunk Santa For Falling On Her”

  1. I’ve always found Santa suspect.

    From one perspective, he’s a guy who gives good children gifts by flying around the world driving a reindeer powered sleigh, in one night, and his favorite method of entry is via chimney.

    From another perspective, he’s an animal abuser and possible pedophile guilty of breaking and entering not to mention he must have a coke habit to do that much work in a 24 hour period.

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