Will Work For Food or Favors: Roughly 70% of Bush Appointees Remain Unemployed

225px-george-w-bushIt has often been remarked that being a member of the Bush Administration would hardly be a resume advantage, particularly in scandalized agencies like the Justice Department. It turns out that many ex-Bush people are finding themselves radioactive in the job market, which is itself smaller than usual in the economic crisis that they helped create. Only 25 to 30 percent of 3,000 political appointees who served President George W. Bush have found work.

Carlos M. Gutierrez, Mr. Bush’s commerce secretary, sounded like a contestant on The Apprentice when he told the Wall Street Journal “I have a lot of energy” but there are no job prospects.
Academic has stepped in to employ some of the Bush people:

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson joined Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice returned to Stanford University roles as a political-science professor and senior fellow at the ultra conservative Hoover Institution.

Controversial lawyers John Yoo and Viet Dihn returned to their respective posts at Berkeley and Georgetown. However, Yoo continues to be hounded at his school and in his community. The city council has repeatedly tried to pass resolutions condemning Yoo and calling for his removal. In the meantime, one of his colleagues has started a movement to get the University President to remove him from the faculty. For the letter, click here. Yoo is also reportedly the subject of a DOJ report that could be sent to the bar for possible discipline over his role in the torture scandal.

Alberto Gonzales appears to have better prospects of a criminal sentence than a legal job, here.

Of course, some discredited Bush officials have shown remarkable ability to get a job. The most curious is Monica Goodling, a Bush appointee who was given a high position with virtually no recognizable skills or background beyond being a rabid political hack. Widely ridiculed by both Republicans and Democrats for her violations of federal law and policy, she supposedly was given a job with a law firm, but I can find no confirmation on the specific firm that hired her.

For his part, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been given a partnership at Debevoise & Plimpton, which appears unconcerned by Mukasey’s campaign to prevent any torture investigation and recently allegations that he blocked internal reports critical of lawyers like Yoo. It is unclear how many of the firm’s clients would relish an association with someone like Mukasey, who played such a key role in covering up such crimes.

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  1. whoolie,

    A guy I know was attending SMU when the debate over the library was still raging. He said one of his professors called it “target for vandals and arsonists”.

  2. It is only equitable that the unemployment rate of former Bushies when their policies and thievery has created a recession so bad that the unemployment rate will soon hit 10%.

  3. So Condi is at Stanford. I sure hope she runs into Barbara Olshansky of the International Justice Network. She is on staff of Stanford Law School as Leah Kaplan Distinguished Professor of Human Rights.


    Condi could be wishing she had a nice big grand piano to hide behind.

  4. Big Fella,

    As a purely practical matter, I’m not sure how he can do without having a certain percentage of students in his face 24/7.

  5. BigFella:

    Write the dean of the law school. I did with no reply but you never when the next blow of the hammer will crack the stone.

  6. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2009/02/21/Ridge_Detainees_deserved_due_process/UPI-77921235246799/

    It’s a little late now, you Neocon Enemy. And did I mention you’re a primary enabler as well as being one of the stupidest people I’ve ever seen in government service?

    We the People will soon be teaching you ALL, R & D, what happens when you screw with the Constitution.

    Remember that next time you order food out or hire someone to enter your homes.

    If you’re not getting paranoid, you really really should be.

  7. Karma’s a wheel. Enjoy being run over, Enemies of the Constitution and the United States. Some day soon, a place work will be the least of your petty, evil concerns. See that glow on the horizon? It’s not dawn. It’s villagers with pitchforks and torches.

    We the People know all your names.

    Do the math.

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