Pray or Pay: Georgia Woman Runs Over Boyfriend for Not Going to Church

thumb_praying_handsIn the same week that a father stabbed his son in church for failing to take off his hat, a Georgia woman reportedly ran over her boyfriend because she thought that he wanted to skip church to visit with another woman. Annie Knox of Athens-Clark has been charged with aggravated assault.

According to police, the boyfriend jumped on the hood of a parked car to avoid being hit. Knox, 19, reportedly chased him down by running over a lawn and onto the sidewalk.

Her best defense was stated by the The Pharisee: “If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through.”

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59 thoughts on “Pray or Pay: Georgia Woman Runs Over Boyfriend for Not Going to Church”

  1. Mespo,

    BTW, you do know of course that the Kumbaya taunt was for you falling into the Former Fed LEO trap; right?

    Ask him how much fun he had trying to list ‘everybody’ in a post.



  2. CCD,

    Let’s begin at the beginning; and in the beginning, God said let there be Layla.

    Furthermore, I’d never ask the White House to do what the New York State Court system could accomplish itself.

    After all,

    ‘you gotta reap just what you sow

    that ole sayin’ is true …

    Further on up the road you’ll find out I wasn’t lyin.’

  3. Bob,Esq.

    “Don’t get me wrong; I adore God.”

    I could never get you wrong or right Bob,
    just choices that lead to more choices on this ride.

    Since you adore God though, would you mind sharing what you might
    have written to the current White House to investigate and indict BushCo?
    I’m always searching to convey the truth.

    Thanks for Clapton on the strat, forever a treat.
    FYI, I bought a dozen Bobfrog bobble head dolls, at wordpress com.

  4. CCD,

    Don’t get me wrong; I adore God.

    He plays a mean strat.

    So don’t think twice; it’s alright.

  5. Thanks Bob,Esq,

    I couldn’t ride the Baez bull for the 8 seconds required.
    I’m betting you didn’t even hit play!

    Bob you can go back to the pattern of hating everything and everyone just keep showing up here. And with increased frequency!
    The more frequent the better.

    I’ll see your “bitter sweet sarcastic”
    and raise with

    “the forty turd projecting strength and calm.”

  6. rafflaw:

    I owe you an apology. While writing in reply to Patty C about the blog, I decide to cut and paste a sentence. In doing so, I just noticed I completely omitted my take on you my friend. If you must know I was extolling the work of our host, and rephrased the paragraph. My paragraph should have also included these words:

    “Rafflaw provides the wisdom that is only gleaned by a lawyer living just off the shore of political corruption,and being both repulsed and mesmerized by it.”

    Mea culpa!

  7. S/B This site possesses the power of the mustard seed!

    Please turn up the font Professor.

  8. I echo the warmth and fondness people express for JT here and the Bio pages.

    This site processes the power of the mustard seed!

  9. Patty,

    Most humble apologies if you feel I’ve in some way contributed to the decline of the rarefied atmosphere, but I submit that a bit of periodic verbal ugliness is a small price to pay in the battle to reclaim this country to We the People, the rightful owners. Some tasks require a jeweler’s screwdriver, others a flamethrower. However, as the popularity of this site grows, it will likely get more turbulent not less. Complexity breeds turbulence.

    This is not just because of troll attacks as the threat to their bosses/base increases, but because people with honestly differing sensibilities, education and abilities but common goals as related to the rule of law, equity, justice and the preservation of individual liberty will emerge as the sample space of total readers/posters grows. We the People are a diverse lot, a diversity reflected in their methods and/or abilities of expression. One man’s thrown shoe is an insult, another man’s thrown shoe is just a misplaced piece of footwear. It’s a shame to discount the intent because you disapprove of the package. That’s judging a book by its cover.

    But I won’t apologize for seeking clarification to quash false attribution, especially false attribution in the face of contrary evidence. A huge societal lack of clarity is how we as a nation arrived at today’s sorry state of affairs. Differentiating between the actual enemy and the merely (and in some cases, formerly) misguided is an important distinction. Thanks.

  10. PattyC:

    I was not asking him to referee anything I was asking him to put to rest once and for all the idea that I am Wayne/Bartlebee etc.

    If the Turley Blog has had a recent diminution of intellectual bantor I feel that high praise as I have singlehandly in my troll incarnation succeeded where others have failed. I thank you for the accolades and will endeavor to do more damage in the coming months.

    My apologies for the misread of CCM vs. CMM just another case of conservative stupidity.

    With peace in my heart and justice for all I bid you goodnight
    little princess.

  11. My remark was directed to mespo, who I am confident would have accepted it as fair comment on the overall status of ‘Turley Blawg’ responses in both quality and substance, of late, and particularly over the past year when DW, a consummate gentleman AND avid JSTOR non-lawyer/researcher, was still here with us original ‘turlees’.

    JT, I regret you felt obliged to assume a referee role in this instance, however the above responses only serve to reinforce the object of the exercise and coincidentally bolster my point,
    – in my opinion.

    p.s. btw, CMM equates Cro Magnum Man …
    ….not ‘CCM’ ;P

  12. Patty C:

    “Things have certainly changed over that past year, haven’t they, mespo?”


    Well it certainly has changed, but we do have some fine new additions. While you and I sincerely miss our dear friend “deeply worried,” I think Mike Appleton and Buddha are truly welcome additions, and I think bron98 has his moments of lucidity after having been plucked from the maelstrom of conservative nonsense. I am a charter member of the Mike S and bobfrog fan clubs, and Jill is always pleasant and offers her authentic point of view. Gyges just gets it, and I would want Big Fella around not only for that great avatar but for his comments that are spot on. CCD looks like a “comer” to me, and I think rcampbell always offers an interesting perspective. Treachy is like a continuing legal education class that’s actually interesting, and Clint and my other religious brothers keep my skepticism in check.

    The trolls are annoying but too few in number or intellectual challenge to mention. And JT, of course, is what I want to become when I grow up. As you know, my regard for you is near legendary. How about those original sources that chime in on our topics? Try getting that “take” on those other pretenders to the blog throne–and they’re not some paid talking heads either. They’re the real folks who lived the stories.

    All in all I, like the literary character Little John, immensely enjoy our merry little band and say, “This here is the best that we simple men can expect. Here we’re safe. We are kings!” Apologies to anyone I missed, but these neurons have a lot of mileage on them, mostly in reverse!

  13. PattyC:

    I hate to say it but I told you so – nanenane boo boo!

    I may be a (reformed)troll but I am not a liar.

  14. Thank you for taking time from your day to clear this up, Professor. Good luck at trial!

  15. PattyC:

    are you a one trick pony? I am not Wayne/Bartlebee/CCM.

    Prof. Turley will you please put PattyC out of her misery.

    I was a jackass initially and I freely admit it. I am not a lawyer so I cannot post on legal thought, but I can certainly post my opinion on whether or not wars are fought on principals or on emotions. Or whether its ok to eat beef or to tax beer. On the taxing beer thread I was actually taken aback by how many were against it and their reasons (there is hope for liberals after all and maybe at least one conservative!)

    I am on the opposite side of the aisle from most of the people on this site and I freely admit that. But I have common ground in that I am a serious believer in the rule of law and individual liberty, I may not always understand the constitutional background. And for the most part I think many (not all) on this site share those beliefs.

    I have been polite since I saw the light and I hope I have offered some comments that have provoked thoughtful consideration.

    I very much enjoy the thought provoking nature of this site and have learned a great deal.

    So please get off of my case. And I was giving Jericho a hard time. If you really want to see MM go to one of the philosphy websites where they are discussing the nature of truth vs facts or how does consciousness develope and what are the requirements for consciousness. Is it sensory stimulus or does it just happen.

    1. While I try to respect anonymity, Bron98 has asked for confirmation of his address. He is not the same address as the other mentioned individuals. Reformed sinners are always welcome in the virtual cathedral that is this blog. I have been trying to de-troll the site regularly and when someone is found to be a troll, I have started to bar them from the site. The obvious effort of these trolls is to shutdown site with long unreleated diatribes and uncivil attacks. I will try to periodically scan for trolls and I appreciate everyone’s help in keeping the discourse civil.

      I apologize to everyone for being absent from the comments section but I am in a couple of trial level cases this and next month that have been tied up.

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