Kansas City CSI: Police and Coroner Reverse Finding of Naturally Caused Death After Three Bullet Holes After Funeral Home Asks About the Three Bullet Holes in Head

250px-csi-lvmainI guess that we are not going to see a “CSI Kansas City” anytime soon. Police and medical examiners have had to change their finding of natural death of Anthony Crockett when the funeral home noted that he had three bullet holes in his head.

It turns about that detectives never visited the home to inspect the body and simply took a paramedics view that he appeared to die naturally after prescription containers for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in the home.

This is the second time in 17 months that a Kansas City funeral home returned a homicide victim’s body that was previously ruled as a natural caused death. Previously, a woman, Lorraine Grayson, 77, was beaten and sexually assaulted in her home, but listed as a natural death. A neighbor has now been charged.

The assumption that that the police will now start a homicide investigation for Mr. Crockett, though there remains a possible finding of lead poisoning.

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21 thoughts on “Kansas City CSI: Police and Coroner Reverse Finding of Naturally Caused Death After Three Bullet Holes After Funeral Home Asks About the Three Bullet Holes in Head”

  1. Anthony crockette was a fine young man and i was proud to call him my daughters god father(daveisha) she loved him very much and still does. She wears his picture around her neck with her grandmother’s. Pic whom she was a 13 year old at the time who had to remember her godfather upstairs in the funeral home and her grandmother’s body right downstairs on the same day so whoever took this childsjoy away. Will pay for their sins, .RIP,anthony Crockette we loveand miss you….,.lovealways jolandaashley/ daveisha figous

  2. I was wondering how this case was progressing. Obviously, the police are continuing to botch this investigation. His murderer deserves to rot in prison. Anthony was a wonderful person and I know you miss him.

    If you know who did this or have any information, call the police anonymous tips line and give them any and all information you have.

  3. This is a long time late for these comments ended 9 months ago but my attention has just been brought to them. I must get my two cents worth in here as well.

    Anthony Crockett was the father of a man I am proud to call my son-in-law. I think it is a sad thing that the paramedics were so incompetent as to mess such a thing as bullet holes! The police department being so incompetent as to not investigate a man found dead in his home just compiles this horrible incident further.

    Here it is 10 months after his murder and the guilty party is still walking the streets enjoying life. I could say who I am positive committed this act but far be it from me to end up with a slander suit on my head.

    Here is to you Mr. Crockett…your granddaughter looks a lot like you and your son. RIP sir!

  4. Jeff:

    I would think the greatest respect one could show would be to correct an injustice which involved your classmate’s death. The commentators here showed no disrespect to the victim, but directed it to the inept government agents charged with investigating this death. I think your thunder is misplaced.

  5. Jeff,

    I’m sorry for your loss, but you’re way off base with this. No one has disrespected your friend and the only quibbling seems to be on your part. Criticizing crime lab methodology is not the equivalent of framing it as a political policy argument. If there had been posting about “right wing gun nuts” or “liberals who want to take your guns”, yeah, you’d have a really good complaint about disrespect and I’d be willing to throw some smack down on that myself. See this thread for examples of the kind of reaction that kind of irresponsible and hateful posts result in – http://jonathanturley.org/2009/02/22/eleven-year-old-boy-allegely-shots-pregnant-girlfriend-of-father-and-goes-to-school/ .

    If he were my friend, I’d be more appalled that the lab missed facts so basic that the mortuary had to, in essence, solve the crime for them. That’s incompetent investigation. That’s not what the police and the crime lab are paid for nor is it proper fulfillment of their duties. I don’t know about you, but were he my friend, that would piss me off more than people talking about said investigatory incompetence that – had the funeral home not been ethical or paying attention – may have led to your friend’s murder NEVER being properly investigated.

    I should also point out this is a legal blog. Quibbling over political differences is par for the course, but the regular posters do have a sense of proportion and leave politics out when they are not the central issue as a general rule.

    Again, sorry for your loss. Peace.

  6. I just want to say, you folks need to show some respect and dignity here. A man, who happened to be a classmate and friend, has been murdered. Quibbling over political differences should be left to other places.

  7. Bron,

    I just wanted to let you know I did catch the transitory icon change, but I was not in a position to reply. Quite the complement and thank you, sir, but in all truth it is your very continued presence posting here that honors us all.

  8. Bron & Jill
    Authority and male dominance are definitely parts of the puzzle. I learned a long time ago that someone shouting word to the effect of “Follow me Boys!” could get a lot of people following. Perhaps this is a genetic trait that allowed us to be herd animals, or perhaps it’s a reflection of the predominant paternal hierarchy system. In either event they will plague us humans until we learn to rid ourselves of them.

  9. Mr. Furious: Seems there was a little controversy there regarding your father’s death.

    The Bowler: Yes, the police said he fell down an elevator shaft. Onto some bullets.

    The Blue Raja: You know, I’ve alwas suspected a bit of foul play there.

    The Bowler: As have I.

  10. I would like to point out that no one has taken a red pill as their icon yet.

    I just sayin’.

    Bron, looking your direction . . . and isn’t the kind of epiphany that makes you laugh just the best?

  11. Someone mentioned the idiot in the flight suit (GWB) the other day. There’s an example!

  12. Mike S.,

    I think part of the answer to your question is male dominance. Authoritarianism is mostly, but not always (see nuns) linked to male dominance. It is “manly” to torture, go outside the law etc. Because our culture tends to worship all things macho, I think this causes worship of law enforcement, even when they are clearly in the wrong.

  13. MikeS:

    because we are taught from a young age to respect authority.

    Sh…… I got quit coming to this site I might actually learn a thing or 2.

    I have got to say that I never thought about it until you put it like that (I am having a hard time writing this because I am laughing at myself).

    I think I just figured out why the right is more detrimental to liberty than the left is.

  14. No rcambell,

    It was the suicide with three bullets to the back that was the worst. Sometimes I wonder about your thought patterns:)

  15. Three bullet holes in the head. No doubt the worst case of suicide the Kansas City Police have ever seen

  16. All TV police shows are laudatory propaganda that have little basis in reality. The problem it causes in a legal sense is that many in the public and on juries have been convinced by this propaganda that police and prosecutors always get it right. The strange dichotomy in this, that I’ve never in my own mind resolved, is why are anti-government types usually the greatest supporters of this infallibility mythology.

  17. In the case of Mrs. Grayson, her throat had been slashed.

    I think that sums it up without elaboration.

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