A Genine In Need of a Bottle: Woman Arrested for Breast-Feeding and Speaking on Cell Phone While Driving

thumb_policeman_cartoonIn Kettering, Ohio, Genine Compton was charged with child endangerment after she was spotted breast-feeding and speaking on a cellphone while driving. Another driver spotted Compton and the police tracked her down by the license plate.

Officers said Compton admitted that she was breast-feeding and wouldn’t let her child go hungry.

What is interesting is that the police left the impression that they simply have a problem with the fact that the child was on her lap while driving (presumably not in a car seat) as opposed to breast-feeding while driving. Presumably, they meant to say that it is not against the law to breast feed in public. Of course, strapping the child into a car seat and breast-feeding would have a considerable feat — but police would probably still take a dim view of it.

See faces 180 days in jail and $1800 fine for the misdemeanor.

She is notably not the only mother accused of multitasking while driving. Catherine Donkers, 29, was allegedly spotted nursing her seven-month-old while driving on the Ohio Turnpike.

Another person was seen flossing while driving. Then there is Donna Marie Madock who was caught on tape with a compact in one hand, eyeshadow brush in the other. She was driving with no hands on the wheel. The problem is so prevalent (I have seen women putting on makeup with two hands on at least three occasions) that states are moving to prohibit it.

Then there is this guy in a video driving while shaving.

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  1. This seems dangerous for both involved. If the child needs to be fed, it would behoove the woman to pull over, or if this is not possible on a highway, get off the nearest exit. This might take a few minutes, but given the danger involved to the child, the harm to the child for waiting is less than the alternative can be.

  2. Awww, isn’t that cute! Unable to thrive, the trollettes have taken to nick squatting again!

    Why is it that when you do this, you ALWAYS misspell either Buddha or Laughing?

    tsk tsk tsk

    Such bad manners and philistines to boot. 😀

  3. Today seems to be a heave law and order day on the blog; I’m inclined to say ‘Book ’em Dano’ about everyone in these first 4 stories.

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