Hoax Caller Convinces Kentucky Fried Chicken Workers to Discharge Fire Extinguishers and to Undress in Restaurant

160px-kfc_logosvgEmployees of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Manchester, New Hampshire are no fools. Sure, a hoax caller who said he was from corporate convinced all three of them to discharge the fire extinguishers in the restaurant and then convinced them to strip. However, when they were told to urinate on each other, they suspected something was not quite right. The Colonel, it seems, rarely asks for employees to urinate on each other during business hours. That is when the Hazmat unit was called in.

The employees were told to strip when they complained that the fire extinguishers made their eye and skin burn. It was then that they were told to urinate on each other.

The restaurant was closed until health officials could clear the building for customers and staff.

Of course, they are still more clever than the people who were convinced in New York to give themselves rectal examinations on the telephone. John Brady, 49, poses as a doctor and found plenty of people willing to perform the examination with him on the line.

Then again, there are some KFC workers who know how to clean up after a day’s work.

At last on this occasion at least the manager was not involved in the prank.

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9 thoughts on “Hoax Caller Convinces Kentucky Fried Chicken Workers to Discharge Fire Extinguishers and to Undress in Restaurant”

  1. Buddha,

    I couldn’t agree more about Kimmel; I just happened to catch this bit after the Academy Awards.

  2. I usually don’t watch Kimmel because I think he’s about as funny as watching the grass grow, but “The Colonel” was just a riot. Thanks, Bob!

  3. Mojo,

    Thank you for that lovely bit of disturbia! I’ll have to say I appreciated not only the indoctrina . . . er, um, training, but the bloggers oblique reference to funk guitar great George Duke as well.

  4. MOJO’s link is outstanding. It made my day. It sounds like something that could have been worked into Father Mirins exorcism of little Regan
    He brought you low by his bloodstained cross! Do not despise my command because you no (sic) me to be a sinner. It’s God himself who commands you! The majestic Christ who commands! God the Father commands you! God the son commands you! The Duke of the Grill commands you…’

  5. CCD,

    Indeed! I too wondered about who was on the other end of that phone, but I suspect Seamus would have been successful in his efforts to inspire a new “golden age” at KFC. He is a smooth talker. Where he would have run into problems is trying to convince them to strip naked, smear their bodies with woad and chicken grease, and declaring war against the neighboring Burger King for attempting to assert the right of primogeniture. That fault being mainly in that he’d have spent so much time explaining “woad” that someone not in his Svengali grip would have shown up asking for a two piece and a side of mashed taters, thus breaking the mood required to really get the KFCer’s whipped into a frenzy.

  6. I think fast-food restaurants are going to have to start incorporating these hoaxes into their training videos.

    1. Always wash after using the restroom.

    2. Make sure your work area is kept clean and tidy.

    3. If someone calls and tells you to pee on a co-worker, do not comply.

    Or perhaps the employees were already victims of awful fast-food training videos like this one and were simply left brainwashed and confused:


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