American Journalist Roxana Saberi Reportedly Arrested After Buying Bottle of Wine

roxana-saberi-2Roxana Saberi, 31, a freelance journalist who has reported for National Public Radio and other media outlets, remains missing. Her father, Reza Saberi said that she was arrested after she bought a bottle of wine.

The government has recently arrested several Iranian-Americans while also cracking down on journalists in the country. [Update: Saberi has been convicted of spying and given eight years]

There is now a report from Iran that she was arrested for “illegally” gathering news.

Notably, Foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi would still not confirm that she is being detained but insists “Ever since her credentials were revoked by Ershad, her activities have been illegal. Since 2006 when her press accreditation was revoked, she should not have illegally sought to gather information and news in Iran.”

Saberi is a former Miss North Dakota who moved to Iran six years ago

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4 thoughts on “American Journalist Roxana Saberi Reportedly Arrested After Buying Bottle of Wine”

  1. Ms. Saberi was convicted in a one day sham trial of espionage and was sentenced to eight years in Iranian prison. Please contact your Congressmen and Senators and demand they do everything they can to protect an American citizen. It is not unheard of for political prisoners to mysteriously “commit suicide” in Iranian prison.

  2. @ chris parker

    that is probably the most stupid comment I have ever seen. if we have to pray, how about we pray for you?

  3. This is all true/nice.

    However we must all respect local laws. I wish she was not in jail, however I respect local laws more than an individuals right to break them. Even for buying wine, as sad as that is.

    We can pray for her family.

  4. Mr. Turley,

    Thank you for posting Roxana’s story on your website. I had the privilege of working with Roxana during her time as a Fargo television reporter. I had the opportunity to get to know her and her wonderful family. She is without a doubt one of the brightest journalists I’ve ever worked with as well as one of the nicest people I’ve known. It is important that our State Department step up to the plate and protect the rights of this wonderful American journalist.


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