Pit Bull Prohibition: Oregon Moves Toward Banning Pit Bulls

180px-ww1While it has become common for cities and counties to ban pit bulls, Oregon is considering a bill to ban the dogs from the entire state. Oregon may be the first state to declare owning pit bulls a crime, if the legislation passes.

Pit bull owners insist that their dogs are not more vicious and that it is the fault of the owners. However, the Oregon legislation may become a model for other states. While I do not expect dog smugglers to follow this prohibition, it could lead to some interesting challenges. However, such cases would likely fall under the low rational basis test for states to satisfy.

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[Update: The Oregon legislators have indicated that they may pull the bill for further study this year]

46 thoughts on “Pit Bull Prohibition: Oregon Moves Toward Banning Pit Bulls”

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  2. Stop blaming the owners/training of the dog. This breed CANNOT be trusted! In the wrong hands it’s just twice as likely to attack someone or another dog. It’s genetics people, you cannot train genetics. It’s in their very nature to snap into attack, lock-in and kill mode.
    I own a extremely friendly Siberian husky. Adopted him when he was 1 year old (he is 13 now). One time I was walking him and someone had their pitt in the passenger seat of the car, as soon as that Pitt saw us he jumped out of the window and went strait for the kill! We were very lucky that day, we were able to get him off my dog.

    Fast forward to last Sunday. I’m walking my dog with my son around our neighborhood, and I see a dog charging at us! Big surprise, a pitbull! No stop and smell like normal dogs, but straight to kill! Luckily his owner grabbed him in time before locking in. His excuse…the chest collar broke.
    To his (pit’s owner) he was a decent, educated family man. He said the dog is AKC certified, blah blah blah.

    My point being, IT’S IN THE PITTBULLS GENES TO BE AGRESSIVE AND ATTACK. Yes, some might seem friendly but you never know when they will snap.

    Just type in “dog attacks” in YouTube and the results speak for themselves.

  3. its entirely on the owner and the approach of a person.
    ive worked with , evaluated and rehabbed many dogs ,primarily pitbulls.
    you have to teach them but also learn from each one there own comforts, just as you do people. and people have to learn to approach properly as well and not assume. the dog could seem ok but the closer you get or try to play in a quick moving way could startle the dog just as it would a person to protect itself,its owner, its belongings. get to know the dog and the owner better. period…… you couldnt get my pit to be aggressive,, unless another dog takes his food or toy. and he is a rescue dog that was on the streets and a bate dog we believe. anyone and everyone that has come across him talks about how gentle he is eating from your hand like a bird,,he barely barks,, he may look intimidating at first pulling or whining but its to play and get attention…. now granted, ive also worked with dogs that do the same but will attack another dog because they were trained and beaten and rewarded for doing so,,,,so there are those out there that think they are getting a steak afterwards,,and that falls on the owners , awareness, approachment.
    you speak primarily of pitbulls being bred for aggression,,fight dogs. yea i guess not many people would pay to see a bunch of minpins or weener dogs fights, but they would if starved and taught to do so. sick people.

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