Mascot Abuse: Police Face an Outbreak of Assaults on Costumed Characters

180px-mcgruff250px-cec_logo1There appears to be a crime wave sweeping the nation’s as people beat down mascot ranging from Chuck E. Cheese to Officer McGruff to Chick-fil-A. The attacks on the thin costumed line of Mascots in our society raises some serious concerns and may demand a new type undercover unit.

This week, Trahan Pires, 34, was fined $500 for assaulting a Chuck E. Cheese mouse. Actually, it was a 19-year-old man dressed as a mouse and $500 seems pretty light. The court rejected a 6-month sentence recommended by prosecutors. There are a bunch of people who I would gladly pay $500 to punch, but I have to lure them to a placed appropriately named Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Just last week, we posted a report of how Chuck E Cheese locations are now viewed by police as a magnet for criminal conduct, including fights. The employee (back by witnesses) simply say that he was putting his arms in front of himself to prevent from being knocked over by attacking kids. Pires said that he pinned his 11-year-old son against a game (though 11-years-old seems a bit old for a kid at Chuck-e-Cheese).

In Columbia Heights DC a Metrobus driver assaulted a police officer dressed as Officer McGruff the crime fighting dog. Bus driver Shawn Brim, 38, stopped to adjust his mirrors and then allegedly attacked District officer Tyrone Hardy dressed as McGruff. He then reportedly fled. While one could bring a charge for cruelty to animals, assaulting a police officer is the most likely. He may argue that he did not know it was a police officer and was merely assaulting a mascot.

Fredericksburg appears a hostile location for mascots. Recently,
Philip Ruyts
was attacked while dressed as the mascot for Chick-fil-A. Once again, it appeared to be an unprovoked attack.

Of course, costumed characters will sometimes defend themselves as in this video of Pluto going pit bull after being kicked in the Happiest Place on Earth. Here is the video.

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