Judge DuBose Sentences Judge DuBose to Jail

small_stuart-duboseEx-judge Stuart DuBose in Alabama has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for federal firearms violatons by Judge Kristi DuBose. Judge DuBose actually departed from the guidelines to give ex-judge DuBose a lower sentence.

On April 7, ex-judge DuBose was given a restraining order in a divorce case to stay away from his wife and police said that the order prohibited him from possessing firearms. Ten days later, however, he was stopped by police after being accused of threatening a road crew. They found a machine gun and 20 to 30 other firearms. The next day, he went to a store and purchased a high-powered rifle and then lied on the store form by checking “no” on the question of whether he was the subject of a restraining order.

Even before this crime, ex-judge DuBose was controversial due to a suspension of his license and leaving the scene of an accident.

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