Berlin Government Forced to Remove Anti-Scientology Kiosk From Street in Front of Church

488px-scientology_symbolsvgIt appears that the Church of Scientology has won an administrative ruling that forces Berlin to remove an anti-Scientology kiosk in front of the Church.

The ruling In der Scientology Kirche Berlin v. das Land Berlin, (Berlin Administrative Court, Feb. 27, 2009) ordered removal of an anti-Scientology kiosk that had been placed in front of church by the government of the City of Berlin.

Germany (like other European nations) have criminally investigated Scientology as a criminal enterprise and a cult. The large “Stop Scientology” poster on the kiosk was found to violate the German constitutional requirement of neutrality on religious issues.

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7 thoughts on “Berlin Government Forced to Remove Anti-Scientology Kiosk From Street in Front of Church”

  1. Wir mögen keine Faschisten ,auch wenn sie Scientology heißen .
    Diese Sekte hat bei uns nichts zu suchen.
    Hirnverbrannt , keine Religion.
    Geld und Macht, also für die doofen gemacht.
    Ihr seit zu Feige euer leben selbst zu lenken , ihr lauft lieber irgendwelchen trotteln hinterher. Hatten wir hier schon, brauchen wir nicht mehr.
    ..und das bleibt auch so…..
    Bildung hilft!

  2. You people are idiots. You think it’s okay for governments to go around and punish people for thoughts? Did you know that scienos in Germany can’t even get civil service jobs if they believe in scientology? That’s called government thought suppresion.

    You may hate scientology with ever fiber of your being, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to punish and persecute people who maintain beliefs in scientology.

  3. I hope you are a friend, I live in California and am a major victim of that church. I was a Rosicrucian in my past life and i have been totally destroyed for reasons that are irrational. I have trouble thinking. I am very brain washed and my sol is a Buddha that cant fight them please help me. there is a group called A.D.V.E.R.T. I don’t know how to contact this organization or defend my self. Please pray for me. (916) 283-1002 David Hedeen P.O.Box 150651 Sacramento Ca 95816. I don’t have a access to the internet with out a lot of effert.

  4. The key to the decision is that the sign was government sponsored. As Jill noted, had the decision been based on perceived offensiveness to Scientologists, it would have been another setback for free speech.

  5. They were warned. Xenu is powerful.

    This was a good ruling in this sense: the govt. should not be in the business of picking and choosing among religions/cults. But if it’s based on the law that speech should not be allowed if it offends religious sensibilities then that is a very bad basis for the decision. Free speech means nothing if the people are not allowed to criticize the powerful. This is true of religion and politics alike.

  6. That’s sad in a way, and sort of bad law. Scientology isn’t a recognized religion in Germany and shouldn’t be protected under the religious freedom provisions of the German constitution.

    On the other hand, the Government’s direct involving in protesting Scientology in this manner is a bit over the top and would set a bad precedence.

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