Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls Emails? Lawyer Charged With Impersonating NYU Professor

golbsmalllhsA lawyer is in the midst of a bizarre case that intersects criminal law and academia. Raphael Golb, 49, is accused of impersonating a rival of his father, Norman Golb, a leading expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls and University of Chicago professor. Norman Golb (left) is the author of “Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?” and is a rival of NYU Professor Lawrence Schiffman (right).

Golb is accused of not just impersonating Lawrence Schiffman, a New York University professor, but sending emails to Schiffman’s colleagues confessing to plagiarism.

Norman Golb, a professor of Jewish history and civilization at Chicago, insisted “This has everything to do with the politics of the scrolls.”

The emails were not particularly clever, but the son is a real estate lawyer out of his element. One read “That plagiarism stuff that I was accused of a long time ago, I did do it but I hope you’ll cover for me,”

Like all good academic blood feuds, this one is refreshingly arcane. Golb rejects the view that the scrolls are the work of a single Jewish sect, but rather believes that they are a collection of several different sects. Sounds like fighting words.

For the full story, click here and here.

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  1. I wouldn’t in any way account myself an expert on the scrolls, just an interested observer of the debate, but my own opinion (which I guess would be more accurately called speculation) on the authorship is that whether or not they are the work of a single sect or multiple ones depends on how you define the term “work of.”

    As a comparison, the Hebrew Bible as we know it encompasses at least three separate traditions which at some point were re-written and combined into what was intended to be a single narrative. (Some have even tried to name the actual person who did it.) So is the Hebrew Bible a single work or a combination of several works?

    In a similar way, in reading about the scrolls and the dispute I’ve come to suspect that they were a recombination of the beliefs of other sects into what what regarded as a harmonious (at at least sufficiently harmonious to make it work) whole.

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  4. Excuse me, but what does all this blather have to do with the Dead Sea Scrolls or the case in question?

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  8. Ironically, I’m actually slightly familiar with the scrolls. This article was both amusing and educational since I wasn’t aware of the school of thought that the scrolls had multiple authors. I had been taught that they had been written by the Essene Sect. So thanks Professor Turley. 🙂

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