Pennsylvania Trooper Stands Trial in Murder of Dentist

kevin-james-foley0929yelenic-bA Pennsylvania state trooper, Kevin Foley, (left) has been charged in the murder of dentist Dr. John Yelenic, the estranged husband of his girlfriend, Michele Yelenic (right). Prosecutors allege that Foley not only prayed for Yelenic’s death but tried to convince another trooper to help kill him.

Yelenic, 39, was found dead with his throat cut the day before he was to sign his final divorce papers.

Foley allegedly made up false statements that Yelenic molested his son — allegations made allegedly with the agreement of Michele Yelenic.

For a police officer, prosecutors allege that Foley was not very careful by linking him to Foley by DNA evidence and bloody footprints.

Foley, 43, is charged with criminal homicide and could face life in prison without parole.

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28 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Trooper Stands Trial in Murder of Dentist”

  1. FFLeo:

    Maybe so but no one can really argue with the fact that this is likely the best argument you will get from neo-cons. We had best fight them where they live so we won’t have to fight them where we live. Where have I heard that before?

  2. Mespo,

    I emphatically disagree with you regarding the “trolls.” Strong, cogent, piercing debate is important and welcome, although the recent junk is extremely unproductive and disruptive.

  3. rafflaw:

    The trolls do us a great service. As you well know, without friction there is no edge; without an edge there is no change.

  4. Mespo,
    Well said. I sure wish I knew how much these trolls get paid to disrupt progressive blog sites with the nonsense that they repeatedly spew.
    As to the Stooper Trooper, I sure hope the lady was worth the rest of your life in prison. Is it true what they say happens to ex-cops in priosn??

  5. Horatio:

    In a choice between these two candidates whom would you choose to be President of the United States:

    Barack Obama 52.9%

    John McCain 45.7%

    131,257,328 votes cast

  6. Twilight,

    Professor Turley has most often been too lenient for me with deleting posts. I almost quit because he allowed numerous back-to-back irrelevant posts. I complained more than anyone else did within my blawg.

    No regular person is afraid of relevant posts; however irrelevant nonsense is distracting and I am pleased to see it deleted whenever and as soon as possible.


    How is your post relevant to the topic and why do you think it is interesting?

  7. If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? (82,562 responses)

    He gets an A

    He gets a B

    He gets a C

    He gets a D

    He gets an F

  8. Horatio:

    “Wow, I think I stumbled on the least interesting blog on the internet.”


    Well, in my youth when I was stumbling drunk I missed things too in my stupor. You are drunk, right?

  9. Former Federal LEO,

    “It simply does not make any sense whatsoever to me.”
    I agree. There is an element of attachment/detachment that is part of the equation. Everyone involved is traumatized.
    Hank Sr. played it well.

  10. twilight, mucking the stalls comes to mind. An imperfect analogy to be sure, but thank goodness the Professor attends to the chore.

  11. No matter what station in life someone occupies, it seems that toxic relationships ending in murder are increasing exponentially. While I, of course, understand that law enforcement 101 dictates that the ex-lover or spouse and/or that person’s current love interest are the most likely culprits, from a humanistic standpoint, that always seemed so counterintuitive; another one of life’s great conundrums.

    Regardless of a messy divorce, bad breakup, etc., I will never understand how one human could physically harm another with whom they have been intimate and shared such close lives, thoughts, pledges, and plans. I know—it is commonplace—but it simply does not make any sense whatsoever to me.

    The troubled, although great Hank Williams, Sr.:

    “Don’t come back now on your knees
    Crying take me back please
    Don’t come back now it is too late.
    My love for you has turned to hate”

  12. twilight:

    You call it deleting posts, we call it flushing the toilet! Swirl away!

  13. I see jerk-bait Turley has been busy deleting posts again.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the left is so frightened of others opinions that they immediately delete any that express opinions they can’t handle.


  14. Uncle Sam:

    I hear the sky is falling too. No fool like an old fool, I know, but a coward too. No chicken like an old chicken. Hey were you the old white guy holding the monkey at the McCain rally?

  15. rcampbell, I don’t know where you get the 70% agrees with Obama when even a left wing web site poll shows 68% give him an F or a D.

    Additionally, Rasmussen has been polling Presidential approval ratings for a couple of decades or longer now. Every morning at 9:30 they post new approval numbes.

    Obama is now down to just 6 points between those that approve of him strongly and those that disapprove of him strongly. Those are unheard of numbers for a President just 50 days into his term. Jimmy Carter did far much better than this.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that just 38% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-two percent (32%) now Strongly Disapprove of the President’s performance, the highest level of disapproval measured to date.

    These figures give Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of just +6, his lowest rating to date (see trends). The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.

  16. Uncle Sam
    1, March 10, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Am I missing something here?

    Yeah, mostly that 53% of voters vote FOR the President and his policies and nearly 70% of the total population agrees with what he’s doing. As for being 57, are you bragging or is that just more of the same whining?

  17. Once again having to slog through the slime left by the Limbaugh-lovers…..

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