Law Dog

humorous-078_smallThere are some species just born for border inspections and not just border collies.

The astonishing thing is that a federal court found that this search was entirely lawful under the Fourth Amendment.

When Customs says that it is “securing America’s borders,” it means it. When you look at this picture, you understand what Customs means in its pledge: “Vigilance is how we ensure the safety of all Americans. We are continuously watchful and alert to deter, detect and prevent threats to our Nation. We demonstrate courage and valor in the protection of our Nation.”

14 thoughts on “Law Dog”

  1. Seamus:

    “Vigilance is how we ensure the safety of all Americans. We are continuously watchful” and observant.

    At the intersection/conjunction of nose and hind end?

  2. I know that my public school edumakation left me lacking in geographical knowledge, but where exactly is the U.S./Australian border?

  3. “Law Dogs” is a term often applied to human as well as non-human animals.

  4. Bob Esq.

    Socrates is ‘essentially’ a man, philosophically speaking, but is he ‘necessarily’ thus?

  5. Former Federal LEO: “And no, not all “law dogs” are sniffers….”

    Yet Socrates is still a man?

  6. koro,leroy @ MSNBC,pop

    Polarized Von Troll sharing a single brain cell again tonight?

  7. Regardless if a dog is trained as a termite sniffer or a drug sniffer, pheromone sniffing trumps all others.

    And no, not all “law dogs” are sniffers….

  8. Thanks to JT, I believe I have come across the perfect name for the Obama’s new dog, ‘Nero’-name of the first canine guardian of the US Mint in 1793.

    This just in from Laredo, Texas.

    Customs Canine Finds $3M Cash on Southbound Bus
    Hoard Seized After Dog Detects It in Bus Traveling From U.S. to Mexico

    March 20, 2009 —

    “A hardworking K-9 on the U.S.-Mexican border appears to have been more successful finding large sums of cash than a bailed out AIG executive….”

    Good boy!

  9. rafflaw:

    “Who do those two dogs sniffing each other remind me of???”


    Kind of reminds me of that tortured little scene down on the Bayou post-Katrina. You’re doing a heck of job there whitey! Not sure who is Bush and who is Brown is though.

  10. If those two pups don’t put the fear of God into anyone thinking of crossing the border illegally or of bringing in illegal drugs what would? If the Pentagon purchased these dogs for their customs duty they would probably cost $100,000 each. Who do those two dogs sniffing each other remind me of???

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