Saudi Clerics Call For Women To Be Banned From Television and Newspapers

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenLike many ministers and politicians in the United States, Saudi Arabian clerics are up in arms over the immorality of television. They’re objections go beyond the usual smut described by Sen. Joe Lieberman and others. They want the new information minister to take all women and music banned from the television. They also want pictures banned of women in magazines.

The leading clerics insist that there is no reason for a woman to be shown on television and that music is anti-Islamic. They insist: “No Saudi women should appear on TV, no matter what the reason. No images of women should appear in Saudi newspapers and magazines.” Something tells me that the films from Wahhabi Brothers is not going to be half as fun as Warner Brothers.

This female-phobic group includes clerics from Imam University, Islamic research scholars, a judge in a court in the resort of Taif and some government employees.

Saudi women have been able to serve as journalists and appear in full face, including interviewing men. They of course cannot drive to such interviews, which remains prohibits in the Kingdom.

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8 thoughts on “Saudi Clerics Call For Women To Be Banned From Television and Newspapers”

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  2. Man o’ man. There must be a bunch of passages in the Quran related to kootiies. I suspect these “Holy Mean” are either closeted homosexuals or 3rd graders.

  3. I’m waiting for the day (plus 70 years) that the Saudis finally ban women from the bedroom. That’s regressive progression I think everyone can benefit from.

  4. Mike A,

    You do know of course that the people who jumped to their deaths from the World Trade Center were in fact screaming “Free Iraq!”

  5. The absurdity that is Saudi Arabia provides continuing evidence that the policies of the Bush administration in the Middle East had nothing to do with human rights and democracy and everything to do with access to oil.

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