Vegan License Plate Barred by Colorado DMV As Offensive

iNow, here is an interesting free speech case. Kelley Coffman-Lee is a vegan who wanted to proclaim her love for bean curd with a license plate “ILVTOFU” for her Suzuki SL-7. The DMV read the plate as an proclamation of a more sexual than culinary proclamation.

Coffman-Lee, 38, is the mother an three and truly had soy milk products in mind. But, “FU” is barred by the DMV. Mark Couch, Department of Revenue spokesman, explained “We don’t allow ‘FU’ because some people could read that as street language for sex.”

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11 thoughts on “Vegan License Plate Barred by Colorado DMV As Offensive”

  1. bdaman wrote “Check This Out, very strange, Could this be a name change in progress.”

    Ho, hum. Just some more routine nonsense from World Nut Daily. Some guy got the domain name, and redirects all hits to the White House. He must be 13 years old, doing this stuff after his mother has told him to take out the trash. Pretty soon an overwhelming flood of hormones will hit his system, and he will find some more interesting things for his obsessions.

  2. Fornication is the work of the Devil. Go forth, be fruitful and multiply, but none of that nasty bumping squishy parts unless those squishy parts are made of soy.
    — Book of Ichiro ben Dosa the Contradictory, a lesser known and omitted gospel. Had the Council of Nicea be cognizant of the value of a high protein, low fat diet and included the words of Ichiro, none of this would have happened.

  3. Fornification Under Consent of King.

    Sounds Like Peta is behind this. People Eating Tasty Food.

    You know I am a vegitarian by proxy. My cow was a vegitarian before I ate it.

  4. Check This Out, very strange, Could this be a name change in progress.

  5. It would work better if the woman were a politician or a drive through cashier.

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