Latest Weapon in The War On Terror: Manila Envelopes

180px-stellmappen_der_bundesversicherungsanstalt_fur_angestellteBritain’s leading counterterrorism, Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick of the Metropolitan Police Department, has resigned after being photographed holding a classified document in the open that revealed details of an anti-terror operation.

Photographs and videotapes showed clearly the front page of the secret document as Quick got out of a car. The document entitled “Briefing Note: Operation PATHWAY,” involved the plan to arrest 11 people at seven addresses in northwest England as part of “a security-service-led investigation into suspected AQ-driven attack planning within the U.K.”

Quick will be allowed to keep a large pension and to continue to work as a consultant on security matters. He is not expected, however, to be allowed to handle office supplies, particularly manila folders which appear to be confined to higher ranked officials on a “need to cover basis” only.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Weapon in The War On Terror: Manila Envelopes”

  1. Mr. Quick has extensive experience in the most sensitve intelligence operations. If he showed the papers it was because he wanted them seen. This story doesn’t track any better than our Somali pirate case which is leading to calls to invade Somalia so we can clear out the pirates. Both govts. are up to no good, and so many innocent people will suffer for it.

  2. Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick.

    I guess Bob got Burned. But then again, who would be so stupid to think that someone would carry “top secret” information in a see through envelope.

    Maybe my experience with these type of envelopes is different than most. I could not see through them, can you?

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