Frozen Assets: Court To Decide Distribution of Bullmastiff Semen as Estate Asset

800px-bravehearts_sampsonFamily Court Judge Cheryl Matthews had a logical question when Anthony and Karen Scully appeared in his court with a lingering estate asset question left over from their divorce: “Am I Being Punk’d?” The court and lawyers were presented with the rather novel question of who gets the frozen semen of AKC-registered bullmastiffs Cyrus, Regg and Romeo. The frozen semen is worth thousands of dollars and, while their six dogs were divided with the rest of the estate, the lawyers are set to go to trial on assets.

The Scullys bred dogs before their divorce in 2002. While Anthony Scully insists that the semen is his and his wife waived her claims, Karen Scully now claims that the frozen semen belongs to her. The lawyers were required to present actual doggie family trees showing the genealogy of the bullmastiffs. Matthews ultimately set the case for trial before Oakland County Circuit Judge Leo Bowman who will have the pleasure of deciding the question.

This seems to be an area of increasing litigation, here and here.

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3 thoughts on “Frozen Assets: Court To Decide Distribution of Bullmastiff Semen as Estate Asset”

  1. rafflaw,

    My guess is that no high-falutin’ lawyer would have a ‘hand’ in that…

    Therein lies the fine print clauses within contractual agreements with their paralegals.

  2. And to think that a War or is it a conflict is being fought to assure that “they have this right”.

    But then again, does anyone remember about the fishing rod case that the attorney made over $100K off of. Well that was my family.

    I wanted to be somebody when I grew up. And I found out, I am still me.

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