Dominos Workers Criminally Charged After YouTube Prank Video

16dominosspanThere is a novel criminal case just filed against two Domino’s Pizza worker who filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen and put it on the Internet with over a million hits on YouTube alone. Now, prosecutors have hit them with felony charges for delivery prohibited foods.

The video shows one worker in Conover, N.C. making sandwiches for delivery while putting cheese up his nose, putting snot on sandwiches, and other disgusting acts. Domino’s insists that the worker said that they did not actually send the food out — a pretty convenient and predictable defense from the workers that customers might find less than reassuring.

In the video, a woman calling herself Kristy films Michael doing the dirty deeds on the Domino’s products: “In about five minutes it’ll be sent out on delivery where somebody will be eating these, yes, eating them, and little did they know that cheese was in his nose and that there was some lethal gas that ended up on their salami. Now that’s how we roll at Domino’s.” For the video, click here, here and and here. 041309-005-dominoes-nose-cheese

After some detective work by, the workers were identified as Kristy Hammonds, 31 and Michael Setzer, 32, and the franchise located in Conover. Warrants were then issued.

Hammonds has posted an apology on emails insisting “It was fake and I wish that everyone knew that!!!!” she wrote. “I AM SOO SORRY!”

These are some pretty hefty potential charges. Hammond may have particular trouble since he reportedly has a record. On June 23, 2008, she was convicted and sentenced to two years of probation for sexual battery and is included in the North Carolina Offender Registry here. What will be interesting is if they get more time for putting snot on sandwiches than the three weeks that Jerome Kenneth Kingzio received this week for actually urinating on a woman on a flight.

Domino’s also plans to sue them civilly which could lead to crushing damages (judicial awards cannot generally be avoided through bankruptcy).
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  15. Buddha, you lasted an hour before you got fired?

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  16. In college, I worked for Domino’s for a grand total of 1 hour. All it took was to see the giant bags of pre-cooked “hamburger”. It was nearly as disgusting as these ad hoc toppings in this story. I not only quit, I never ordered from them again. Those of you who know my age can roughly do the math.

  17. These two fun loving kids already explained the video was fake.

    What more do you want? Nobody would lie about something like this right, ahem, like the guy that claims he was kicked out of a baseball game for going to the bathroom during the national anthem????

    lie? these people?

    oh come on; Turley will defend their right to shove cheese up their nose and put it in your sandwich; there must be SOME reason it is healthy for you.

  18. Dang, and I thought only at McDonalds could you get that extra special sauce. Who would have thought that You could tell if Domino’s Pizza had special sauce. It is kinda hard to tell after you have savored the cardboard that the sauce is attached to.

    But it appears the employees will be able to adhere to the McDonalds jingle. You deserve a break today. Or Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock or are you lonesome tonight.

    Maybe the TV Judge can incorporate this into his Video.

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