Yankee Fan Sues After Being Tossed Out of Stadium for Going to the Bathroom During the Singing of God Bless America

100px-newyorkyankees_primarylogosvg200px-urinal_with_urinal_cake_gsu_cit_2004Bradford Campeau-Laurion is suing over his being ejected from Yankee Stadium for getting up to go to the bathroom during the singing of God Bless America. He is claiming political and religious discrimination.

After his ejection, Campeau-Laurion, 30, insisted that he was unaware of the policy, which has been the source of ongoing controversy.

He is not just suing the team but also the New York City police department and several individual officers.

The lawsuit has been brought by the New York ACLU. He is described in the lawsuit as a lifetime fan and someone who has “been to nearly 100 Major League Baseball games.”

For a copy of the lawsuit, click here.

For the full story, click here.

38 thoughts on “Yankee Fan Sues After Being Tossed Out of Stadium for Going to the Bathroom During the Singing of God Bless America”

  1. Bob,

    I know, I know, but for the first time in a long time I think the Royals have all the ingredients they need to go to the series again if Hillman can get them to gel. Olivo knows how to run a game from the plate, our pitching has some depth even if under/undeveloped yet and the D is good enough if we can just get some of our own runners home. We’ve been leaving a lot of men on base. Being a Royals fan isn’t as thankless as being a Cubbies fan, but it sure has been close. Besides, having been out there now since the remodel, I’ll have to say even if we don’t win, we’ve got one of the nicest parks in MLB. The only thing that makes AT&T Field for the Giants nicer is it’s surrounded by San Francisco.

  2. However Buddha,

    The Royals did provide lots of drama as they Yankees went on to win the 77 & 78 World Series.

    So we thank them for that.

    And the angry face of George Brett.

    Viva Graig Nettles & pine tar!

  3. Leanne

    I am a veteran who put my life on the line for this country. I did it so that loud mouthed authoritarians can have the right to say whatever bile come bubbling out of their mouths. But I did not do it so that loud mouthed authoritarians could force their fellow citizens into idolatrous displays of patriotism that they don’t feel. Enforced patriotism is no better than the false patriotism of scoundrels who would wrap themselves in the flag to cover their distaste for the freedoms that the flag actually represents.

  4. jonno,

    It’s not really Prof. Turley’s modus operandi to present objective facts on these matters. He presents “his case” as it were instead. You can almost always tell where his bias is just by reading the posts.

    But hey, he never once to my knowledge claimed this was a true news site.

  5. ok, Yes there is something wrong about forcing people to sit for the song, if that is indeed the policy. I have searched everywhere and can’t find proof that this policy exists. the only things i can find are just references this guy makes in all the stories on-line of his ejection. Does someone have a link to this policy?

    and as put by “9 jonolan
    1, April 18, 2009 at 8:02 am

    I’ll say it first, because many here will later say it in a much less rational manner – what you just wrote aren’t facts; their the accusations of one side of pending court case, just as anything that the man who was ejected isn’t fact but instead accusation.

    All parties involved mus be presumed to have reasons to lie, so collaborative evidence is required before anything can be legally described as factual.”

    So if all parties must be heard equally, why is the police report not cited here? They claim that he was causing a disturbance. If the practice of law is to ultimatly find the truth why not tell the whole story and not make me have to search for the other side? And no, I am not a right wing conservative troll on the site. I just think that if this site (which i enjoy very much and agree with most of the time) is to have actual credibility it should tell the whole story and not just lean to the controversy.

  6. I’m such a simpleton. Why is this an issue? It seems to me, the policy could very well discriminate against people with certain medical conditions, even unintentionally. Why is it so hard to make it go away? Do we need to wait until it happens to someone afflicted by some appropriate disease before the law can do anything? Or worse, sit around until an elderly gentleman publicly embarasses himself because he is forcefully prevented from going to the restroom while he is escorted out of the park? There has to be another solution. I’m fine with patriotism, but not forced patriotism at the possible expense of dignity.

  7. Mike S,
    Those $700 box seats are now $2,800 per game. Bring the family and spend $11,200 for a 3 hour game, or be a former and current corrupt NYC Mayor and come for free.

  8. As an American citizen living in a democratic society,the land of the free,I will damn well leave my seat when the hell I want.
    I mean,to tell people that they cannot move about freely for a period of time or face removal from the property sounds like a legal issue in a type of ‘false imprisonment’ area.

    The f*cking country has slipped into a police state and we are losing our freedom everyday a little bit at a time with a new law here and a new rule there.That’s how they do it, slowly and
    methodically a little bit at a time while we’re too busy to take the time to look around and see what’s happening all around us.

    Yeah,Yankee Stadium,where Guilianni and Bloomberg were sitting in $700 box seats which probably have gold plated portable toilets under their seats.

  9. Mine eye hast seen the rising of the urine in them.

    They have been burnt and stung from holding it in so long.

    They have me trampling in the seat that I am in, my charge goes marching on.

    I like humor. Thank you.

  10. I pledge allegiance to my prostate. And to the Republicans that would have me stand, one foot crossed behind the other, I say, God Bless America where a man is free to use a urinal from sea to shining sea, so help me god.

  11. Ok, ok, I can’t resist.

    Oh, take me out to the bathroom, take me out to the bathroom.

    I don’t care if I never get back, buy me some pee nuts and blackjacks.

    Because it root, root, root for the men in blue.

    I did not know if I went to the bathroom that I’d get so screwed….

    Take that you commie conservatives.

  12. leann,

    While you’re essentially right,

    attorneys are a dime a dozen in the United States, used car salesmen are rated higher than attorneys, and we all would be better off if it weren’t for the hoard of underemployed attorneys looking for clients willing to sue anybody for anything to put money in their bank accounts.”

    You and I are commenting on a blog ran by one those attorneys and patronized by many law school students. It does behoove us – under the laws of hospitality as it were – to at least understand that they’ll behave in a manner consistent with the fact that they’re either attorneys or wannabe attorneys.

  13. good grief. “God Bless America” was written by Irving Berlin. It’s practically a show tune. I’m with Mike Spindell.

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