Oscar Special: Father of Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Accused of Trying to Sell Daughter

200px-slumdog_millionaire_ver2A British tabloid is reporting that it conducted an undercover sting and confirmed that the father of Rubina Ali (one of the child star’s from the movie Slumdog Millionaire) is trying to sell the girl for £200,000.

News of the World says that it got an employee to pose as a fake sheik and Rafiq Qureshi offered the child for adoption, saying “I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future.” He is quoted as complaining “We’ve got nothing out of this film.”

They also quote her brother Mohiuddin as hawking the child, saying “The child is special now. This is NOT an ordinary child. This is an Oscar child!”

His father now denies that he tried to sell the girl, here<

For the full story, click here.

Police are investigating the allegations.

3 thoughts on “Oscar Special: Father of Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Accused of Trying to Sell Daughter”

  1. Bron,
    I agree. There is much to admire about India and many indications that they are the oldest continuous culture in the world. Yet there seems to be an acceptance of inequality there and a lack of caring for those without wealth and power. It could be a shining light to the world, but it needs to find compassion for its’ people. It is ironic that Buddhism, which is grounded in compassion began in India, but prospered elsewhere.

  2. MikeS:

    you have that right, India is a paradox. You have world class technology sectors and rampant poverty. I saw a show the other day on fishing up near the Himalyas and the trash and decay was palpable. There are close to a billion people in that country but only about 200-300 million are what you would call middle class, at least from statistics I have seen.

  3. The movies underlying depiction of the horrors of life for India’s poor urban dwellers is ironically missed by many who view it. India, which has become a world power is nevertheless in the thrall of a corrupt political system and cultural bias that regards the poor as undeserving wretches. No doubt gratified by the publicity given this beautiful and emotionally compelling movie, the Indian government probably misses the point of the poverty and horror shown. It is time for India to spread the wealth, to use its’ technological ingenuity to remake its society and therefore prevent the depredations of poverty from making the poverty stricken into people who would sell their children for the greater benefit of the family.

    While I applaud the motives of Angelina Jolie and Madonna, believing their purpose is noble, can’t we all see beyond it to understand that what this exposes is that a predominance of the world’s populations lead lives that are harsh, brutal and short. I believe the movies producers and creators also acted nobly, but it will be some time before humanity understands the imperative need to provide all with the basics of life. We see this in our country where many look upon their economic inferiors as losers, not deserving of help from the rest of us. How foolish these people are not realizing that for most an unfortunate twist of fate might bring them as low as those they despise.

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