Illinois Bar Considering Disbarment of Lawyer For Inflating Grades from University of Chicago

130px-wite-out_123Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is considering disbarment of attorney Loren E. Friedman, a 2003 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, who is accused of whiting out his C grades to increase his GPA. Friedman worked at Sidley Austin for a summer and the hearing board recommended a three-year suspension.

Friedman is now studying for a business career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

According to Above the Law, he was listed as an associate at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle.

For the ethics charges, click here. Notably, the complaint reports that among other alterations, Friedman changed his grade in Legal Profession from a B- to a B+.

For the story, click here.

16 thoughts on “Illinois Bar Considering Disbarment of Lawyer For Inflating Grades from University of Chicago”

  1. The guy is an idiot. Even with bad grades he definitely could have pulled something off graduating from a school as prestigous as U of C. Greed rips all types of people down. The article also mentions that he failed out of medical school AND DID NOT REPORT IT WHEN APPLYING TO U OF CHICAGO. That alone should get him a disbarment IMHO. LSAC regulations stipulate that you reveal any and all academic history in your application to law school.

  2. I guess I wasn’t smart enough to try to change my law school grades in 1982. I would think that he should get more than a 3 year suspension for stealing those grades. I would disbar him and tell him to try to change that result with whiteout. Have the Bar Examiners checked out his Bar Exam score and see if there are any traces of white out on his grade?

  3. WOW, required reading in Law School, imagine that, what will they think of next. I did good to make it to class.

    I have a 9 year old and she has homework. I am trying to figure out what I missed. I don’t remember doing it, either because we did not have it or I was defiant at 9, Probably a mixture of both.

  4. Back around 1970-71, one GW Law student was known as Jack the Ripper, since he razored required reading out of the law reviews held at the reserve desk. He could keep it to himself and deny access to other students, who he must have viewed as competitors in a cut-throat race.

    Never caught him.

    Wherever he may be, he will probably call this young lawyer to join his “practice.”

  5. Mike S., you are correct. Since I have been in this business for 35 years now, I frequently take the opportunity when meeting young lawyers to inquire into their motivation for pursuing the law and choosing to work for their particular employer. The most common response I receive is that they chose the law for its perceived financial rewards and the law firm because it made the best offer. It’s literally a sea change from prevailing attitudes when I entered law school in 1969, a very discouraging sea change.

  6. Wonder if he can count to 60, ’cause I just heard that Sen. Arlen Specter is changing parties, and if you add in Al Franken, that makes it “filibuster-proof.” My, the worm do turn!!

  7. In the film Wall Street many of us took Gordon Gecko’s greed is good speech as an indictment of the succeed at all costs school of thought. As we view the intervening two decades my guess is that many more took it to heart as a plan of action for their lives and careers. This young man probably doesn’t even understand the fuss caused by this and thinks he is being persecuted.

  8. Mike Appleton:

    “Do we know for a fact that he was not a member of the torture memos research team?”

    I bet -according to Bybee anyway – he was lead counsel who forged the good Judge’s signature. 😛

  9. Do we know for a fact that he was not a member of the torture memos research team?

  10. “Wonder how he did in creative legal writing?”

    Perhaps he’s good enough to turn a non justiciable issue into an equal protection claim.

    See Bush v. Gore

  11. See my point exactly, he only shaved the grade point up. He has all of the qualifications to be a Judge if not in Chicago then most certainly in Nevada. Maybe an opening will occur soon.

  12. What is he worried about I thought the following was true of lawyers:

    A students become professors
    B students become judges
    C students make a bunch of money

    Why change your transcript? If you cant work for a good law firm start your own.

  13. Makes total sense to me. I am advising you on a course of actions and conduct. Just because I get stoned does not mean that you should not go to jail for getting stoned. Makes total sense to me.

    I am so please that a member of the bar in Chicago would be so presumptuous that a B- is a B+. I can see how he got to that if he had two B-‘s then that makes a B+. I can see, I can see.

    But I do think that he has all the requisite qualifications to be a judge.

    OMG. NOT.

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