America’s Torture Doctors Revealed

torture -abu ghraibMeet the America’s Torture Doctors: Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell. The names of the two psychologists have been released with a report that they played a critical role in establishing the torture program by attesting to its safety. I will be addressing the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Toronto in August on the involvement of doctors in these war crimes.

According to ABCNews, either Jessen or Mitchell were previously involved in interrogations and had simply been used in the training of pilots to prepare them for capture and interrogation. They were reportedly paid $1000 a day to lend their endorsement to the torture program — that comes to a rate of roughly $360,000 a year as torture consultants, not bad wages in the world torture market.

When I was lead counsel in the espionage case of Petty Officer Dan King, I brought formal charges against a psychologist who was brought in to help break King. The video of his “session” with King remains one of the most disturbing aspects of that abusive case. Yet, the APA never even interviewed King or me on the allegations — refusing to take any actions against the psychologist.

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  1. Oh, and bdaman, although I had to reject M72 as too honest ‘n ethical, you are the low-down snake in the grass kinda rascal my company needs. No need to submit your résumé because your posts within this blawg illustrate the despicable character profile I seek.

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    Do you prefer to carry an O.J. style Jim Bowie/butcher’s knife or a Russian AK-47 as your service-issue weapon of choice?

    Yes, you get to do the video, but only after you are baptized first, so you can “feel their pain” You know, walk a mile in their shoes, or snort a few liters of water through the nostrils…

  2. FFLeo:

    Well I never…. Enough killing me with kindness. I can be as corrupt as the next guy. Give me a few days with our trainer Heir Karl Rove, and I will dutiful swear that good is evil; truth is canard; and up is down. Come on I can do it!!! Or at least pass my resume on to Fox News!

    Nah, you’re probably right–I don’t have the stomach for it, and I like to sleep at night. Resume withdrawn.

  3. M72,

    With heavy heart and with deep regret (cough!) I must decline your résumé. My sources done checked you out and you are overqualified for Head Façade Attorney, U.S. Torture, Inc, Ltd.

    You are simply too honest, intelligent, cordial, educated, and the like for my great enterprise. Why, you might teach the other employees your critical thinking skills and we all know where that would lead.

    Besides, it’s hard to keep a good man down and impossible to corrupt the incorruptible, at any price.

    Regretfully Yours,

  4. As you can see Anon, I am even now assembling the defense team of gnome, buddha and Patty C (if I can coax her out of legal retirement) and me, pro se. You’ll find our legions massed at the frontier awaiting the trumpet order to march with banners fluttering out our motto “a fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi.” (Loosely translated as, “between a rock and a hard place,” or more properly “a precipice in front and a wolf behind.”)

  5. As lawyers, note that the “R-us” probably is a trademark ™ problem, not (c).

  6. Hey Mes, the motto has to be, ” If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

  7. FFLeo:

    “I do need one accomplished, fine attorney, preferably who practices in the southeastern USA, to serve as a legal facade to lend credibility to my fine enterprise.”


    mespo727272 Bybee at your service.

    I am already working on my denials, obfuscations, foisting blame upon others, and, if all else fails, a defense to the indefensible.

  8. Anon:

    I thought it was only the backwards “R,” but serve away. I shall appoint this blog as my registered office and Professor Turley as my registered agent for receipt of service of process. Also, I shall be judgment proof by the ‘morrow.

  9. FF LEO,

    Sir if you become part of the Gratuitous Club of the CIA. Sir, this budget is nondiscoverable under FOIA. As a matter of fact, the members and members only are handed the proposed budget in the “Star Chamber” No Parers in No Papers Out, No Recordings, No Note No Records.

    So sir and you think that it is difficult to get into a Federal Building, huh.

  10. Thanks for the reminder, speaking of which, I was just reminded that when they close Gitmo they need to send a head counter to see how many went in vs how many got out. I heard they will recieve a fresh clean dry towel upon their departure for the U.S. Mainland. Who said there’s a travel ban with Cuba.

  11. M72,

    Well Sir, I thought of going with a public company but I feared that, although the govmit’ would give me a huge tax shelter, the dadgum current citizenry is growing more aware with the use of FOIA requests and the like, which might expose my Scalia-like privacy concerns. In other words, No.

    However, I do need good 13 thoroughly disgraced and corrupt attorneys and although you probably do not associate with such types, I am offering a large finder’s fee for any help–strictly confidential and under-the-table transaction, of course.

    Then again, I do need one accomplished, fine attorney, preferably who practices in the southeastern USA, to serve as a legal facade to lend credibility to my fine enterprise.

    Starting salary $1,000,000.00 tax free, of course, and a free membership in the overseas tax haven bank of your choice, just in case, and for “that other kinda money” (Laundered). The benefits: you get to hobnob with my “I get by with a little help from my friends” in Congress and the entire cadre of top agency heads.

  12. Ok Messpo727272,

    That “R” has been the subject of litigation and it is protected. You have a copy right infringement suit waiting to be served. Whom is your Registered Agent?

  13. bdaman:

    Don’t forget your sensory deprivation goggles. Can I pick the customers–North Korea, Darfur, Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia–the list is endless.I have the motto too:”Torture ’em all, let god sort ’em out,” or “Torturers-R-Us.” Lucrative, I’m sure, but not particularly original.

  14. Mespo are you kidding? He doesn’t need investors, he needs in-terry gators. FFL on the cover of Torture Mag as one of the new Fortune 500 companies. Hey if you need any fill ins for video I already look the part, just need an orange suit, with some fashionable silver bracelets. I’m excited. Flip-Flops i need Flip Flops.

  15. Welcome the Grand Opening of my new company: U.S.Torture, Inc. Ltd.

    Starting salary $360,000.00 per annum plus great bennies (you will need to consume those for heightened awareness required for gettin’ down on some real good torture)

    Send your résumé C/O FFLEO at this blawg—one of the bennies of being a regular—free advertisement.

    KSA Requirements: Psychopath who espouses cruel and unusual punishment as the starting point for confession gettin’

    Medical profile: Must not have a fear of water or boards

    Mentor-type profile desired: Charles Manson, Jeff Dahmer et al.

    Disclaimer: Legal Counsel: Dr. Condee Rice, Pat Buchanan et al. Don’t worry, we gottcha covered legally because both attorneys are on public record stating that torture is okey-dokey.

    Our Motto/Credo: Some people get away with murder; we get away with torture

  16. JT:

    “Yet, the APA never even interviewed King or me on the allegations — refusing to take any actions against the psychologist.”


    I find the notion of “Physician, police thyself,” to have about the same prospects for success as the proverb, “Physician, heal thyself.”

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