Have Mule Will Travel: Georgia Secessionist and Mule Lover Runs for Governor

neal-horsley-16271Georgia has a curious candidate running for governor. Neal Horsley has attracted national attention for his “Nuremberg Files” where he published a list of abortion doctors and then crossed off their names when they were killed. He reportedly would like to see the nation dissolved and has spoken about having sex with a mule in his youth on the farm.

Horsely says that he views himself as the next John Brown in triggering rebellion and is willing to sacrifice his son in such an effort. He previously told Alan Combs that he had had sex with a mule, explaining “When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule. You experiment with anything that moves when you are growing up sexually.”

While everyone has been calling for transparency in government, this might be a bit too much information.

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33 thoughts on “Have Mule Will Travel: Georgia Secessionist and Mule Lover Runs for Governor”

  1. me in Highland Park? HA! my wages wouldn’t pay for half a month’s electricity in one of those fine houses. i prefer my rural area, a picturesque night sky, and the sounds of owls and coyotes over motors, horns and sirens.

  2. As long as Mr. Horsley restricts himself to mules, at least he won’t be able to reproduce. My own experience growing up did not include experimenting with “anything that moves,” but apparently some people are unable to attract those of their own species.

  3. Pardon Me?

    Pardon Moi`. See sir, how confusion sets in when you call a cow a Jenny. Tisck Tisck, Tisck. So, Pardon Me?, do you like in Highland Park as well?

  4. Betsy,

    I have been with people like that. lol. Sorry to offend anyone. Ouch.

  5. Since I am a lifelong mule fan, I can assure you that the mule didn’t even notice!

  6. Well speaking of Kinky, there is a Billboard on 35 North near Downtown Dallas that Kinky is shown in that says “save Jenny” I suppose it could be a southern cultural thing for people wanting to be governor.

    But do you think that they kiss and tell?

    The only horse I am aware of that talks is Mr. Ed, lots of Jackasses that talk though.

  7. FFLEO/Anon:

    my fervent hope is that the mule was female, I dont think Georgia would ever elect a homulesexual.

  8. Well was the Mule under aged? That would be a starting point. Was the Mule male or female? Other charges could apply? Is a Mule capable of consenting? All sorts of questions to be asked!

  9. Bron, kinka like BFF, but BMF meaning Best Mule Friend.

    A former oil patch worker claimin’ a sheltered life is like GW Bush claimin’ intelligence, word skills, and debate excellence.

    Pardon me? Your current gov isn’t weird enough? Well then, solicit Mr. H. as lieutenant gov. A real pair of mules…

  10. FFLEO:

    I must lead a sheltered life what is a “BMF”
    is it a Bi-Species Mating Frenzy?

    Like Anon there are so many levels upon which to comment, where does one begin?

  11. My ol’ grandpappy had mules he directed while plowin’ hisn’ fields by hollerin’ out commands of “gee!” ‘n “haw!”

    I wonder what ‘sweet nothins’ Mr. H. whispered in them big muley ears as his “pillow talk” to coax his *BMF*. Furthermore, if his friends were also engaged in the bestiality, then this could be termed a ‘Mule Train’ thusly a possible statutory law violation, depending on the mule’s age and state of mind. Was this a gay or straight act?

    Disclaimer: Foreplay with a mule can be dangerous and you can, in fact, get a *real kick* outta it. Be careful out there and use proper protection (not that a Homo sapiens can knock up, er, impregnate, an E. caballus x E. asinus and I shant even broach the STD issue).

    Seriously, this country is going to the dogs…rats…and now, to the mules…

  12. Considering the gubernatorial success of Lester Maddox, a fried chicken restaurateur in Georgia, this man seems like he’s well qualified. Too bad the rest of Georgia is not like Atlanta or Athens.

  13. So Neal HORSlEy has sex with a mule. What’s the next shoe to drop, George Bush has sex with a tree?

  14. There are just so many possible comments that can be made on this article. I am refraining.

  15. I presume that he has all of the requisite to be Governor of Georgia. Thank goodness he did not have sex with sheep then that would be against the law. G-ds law too. I wonder if he eats shellfish and pork?

    He seems to be so law abiding in all other aspects.

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