Shrine Mont Bound

cathedral_shrine_inset2There will be a delay in any postings this weekend due to my annual trip with the family to Shrinemont, a retreat in the mountains of Virginia. A fitting homage to Justice Souter, who will soon return to his cabin in New Hampshire for a well-earned retirement.

Every year, the Turleys join a group of six families in a retreat to the cabins of Shrine Mont where the kids hunt salamanders and hike up the mountain. Shrine Mont is located in Orkney Springs, Virginia — run by the Diocese of Virginia. While we are expecting rain all weekend, we intend to persevere in the elements.

14 thoughts on “Shrine Mont Bound”

  1. JT:

    Welcome back as well. I trust you have come around to my way of thinking that a rainy weekend in a rustic cabin sans phone and cable with a shared bathroom and communal dining facilities is a fitting definition of purgatory. Next year I suggest a trip to White Sulfur Springs and a stay in one of the Greenbrier’s South Carolina Row guest houses. You’ll hope it rains!

  2. rafflaw,

    I am Troll Buster. lol, TB for short. Thank you.

  3. Prof. Turley,
    Welcome back. It sounds like you had a great family experience.
    Good work with the troll. Facts are always their weakness. They also throw in a few lies as well. That BS about Souter lying to Bush I is an outright lie.

  4. Welcome Back, Welcome Back Mr. Kotter. aka Professor Turley.

  5. I am back. Thank you everyone for your kind notes. We fared well with the rain on Saturday for a day of hiking and sports — and fireside smores and spooky stories. On Sunday, we had a lot of rain but it was really beautiful. Perfect to tell the seventeen kids a ghost story of the haunted Crenshaw cabin (where some were staying)!

  6. Former Dem,

    If you can call your self that. I believe that Souter was a great GOP Jurist when he first got on the bench. He then developed a social conscience, what I believe is called a Yankee Republican.

    If you will check your records and facts more closely you will see that he did in fact deny THE writ from the Florida Court which denied the hearing that Geo the II, stole the election. Now how disappointed was Dad in that decision. A decision which I believe impacted Geo the 1st more personally that any ole abortion.

    But then again, a Troll never knows facts. I am not sure if they can even think for themselves.

  7. Souter is right up there with the worst Supreme Court Judge the United States has ever had.

    He lied to President George H. Bush about his political beliefs and that any he had would not impact his decisions.

    He also has the knowledge that he could have stopped the murder of 25,000,000 infants to abortion and did nothing.

    I really hope he sits in his little cabin and contemplates the damage he has done in his miserable life.

  8. Well, you know ‘fesser T, there are iPhones, them BlackBerry’s and other…however, there are certain times for mountain huckleberries, canyon raspberries, wild strawberries, and honeysuckle vines entwined within the sweetgum and sassafras trees…

    I can imagine the fiddle refrains of the beautiful lament, Ashokan Farewell, waffling in the breeze and whispering through the trees throughout the hills, mountains, and hollows of the Virginia backcountry…

  9. Very nice Mr.T, I hope you and the families enjoy your annual gathering. Although I am new to your Blawg, everyday another mark is added in your respect column. Sleep Tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  10. Have a safe and wonderfilled weekend. Take a break, enjoy yourself, have a seat. But you come back now, ya hear?

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