Pregnant British Woman Faces Execution in Laos for Drug Conviction

artsamanthaorobatorreprieveBritish citizens Samantha Orobator faces possible execution for drug trafficking in Laos after being arrested with roughly half of kilogram. To add to the outcry, Orobator is reportedly pregnant with a child that she conceived while in prison.

She will face potential death by firing squad due to the amount of drugs that she was carrying

Orobator was born in Nigeria and moved to London at age of eight.

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22 thoughts on “Pregnant British Woman Faces Execution in Laos for Drug Conviction”

  1. DEM- all drugs are not legal in the Netherlands- cannabis use is tolerated- that’s all. Been there many times- never seen the masses of needles you claim are all over the streets.

    There is of course plenty of middle ground between permitting all drugs and executing someone for drugs which they may or may not have been carrying/been planted with in a country with difficult and dubious legal proceedings (look at the Prisoners Abroad webpage to get a feel for the many legal problems that can lead to even innocent people being convicted in Laos, Thailand etc).

  2. eniobob,

    In some locals of these connected US of America it ain’t much different. I can assure you.

    In the US how can an inmate consent, unless they are the Warden. This is because most of the states have passed laws that are supposed to prevent sex with an inmate based upon a Federal case.

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