Dubai Court Convicts Woman of Manslaughter and Orders Payment of Blood Money for Death of Her Own Fetus in Traffic Accident

100px-flag_of_dubaisvgThere is a trend in the United States to treat fetuses as persons for the purpose of criminal charges. That trend was taken to an extraordinary degree in Dubai where a pregnant woman was involved in a traffic accident and had a miscarriage. Finding that she was following to closely and applying Sharia law, the court convicted her of manslaughter and also ordered her to pay “blood money” for the loss of the baby.

Reports indicate that there was various cars involved in the accident but the court found that the woman could have avoid the collision by keeping getter distance. She has been ordered to pay $5,450 in blood money for “unintentional homicide.”

The court and prosecutors insisted that pregnant women should not drive.

Judge Dr Al Mutawa ruled “The court treated the defendant leniently based on Articles 83 and 84 of the Federal Penal Code no 3, of 1987. According to Sharia, a foetus which dies in a mother’s uterus is entitled to 10 per cent (known as Al Ghurra) of Dh200,000 blood money.”

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7 thoughts on “Dubai Court Convicts Woman of Manslaughter and Orders Payment of Blood Money for Death of Her Own Fetus in Traffic Accident”

  1. Dubai and the UAE had been on a building spree hoping to attract tourists and emigrants. Haliburton is now headquartered there. With the downturn in the world’s economy some new residents are fleeing when unable to keep up condo payments. The reason is that they have debtor’s prisons. It seems they also have a 15th Century legal system to match. I think I’ll pass on it for a future vacation.

  2. Sometimes, even thinking about time scales and Natural Selection depresses me.

    The tendencies to control rather than respect women as equals will continue to serve authority seekers at civilization’s expense for a long, long time, I think. Full sexual equality recognized across the social-economic spectrum might not be the result of a mere hundred-year selection process but one measured in tens-even hundreds-of millennia.

    It might stick around like our canine teeth have. Up the exponent. Cheers.

  3. penn, don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time to discuss Sen. Sessions. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Judge Dr Al Mutawa said, “Here, have some misery to go along with that suffering.”

    What a retrograde clod.

  5. i’m surprised you haven’t had anything to say about jeff sessions replacing arlen specter on the judiciary committee.

  6. Ok, say this ain’t so Sammy. Maybe they just don’t like Lebanese in the UAE.

    Well the next time after I hear someone say that they are against abortion I will say to them that they need to join their Talbin Muslim Brothers. And to be against a woman’s right to chose they are supporting the dictates of the Koran.

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