Serial Torturer: UAE Prince Accused of Additional Acts of Torture

250px-torture_scene_implicates_uae_royal_sheikhSheik Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the brother of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Prince Mohammed, has been accused of additional acts of torture — as many as 25 such victims. The video of one such torture session is available here. In the meantime, on our own torture controversy, the Obama Administration again refused today to commit to a special prosecutor or independent investigation of torture by the Bush Administration. We lack the type of tapes in Abu Dhabi because CIA officials admit that they destroyed the evidence so it could not be used against them. I will be discussing the torture controversy tonight on the Ed Shultz show on MSNBC.

The original tape of the prince showed him torturing a man that he accused of cheating him in a grain deal. Issa is shown shooting at the man who is bound in the sand and, with the help of a police officer, beating the man and forcing him to eat sand. The torture occurred at the royal ranch and was over a $5000 disagreement — for one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

It appears that the prince is a Arab version of the Marquis de Sade with a taste for torture.

For the full story, click here.

16 thoughts on “Serial Torturer: UAE Prince Accused of Additional Acts of Torture”

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  2. @Buddha Is Laughing: Thanks!
    @Jill: Thanks too!

    Bush is a great inspiration. Anger is a negative emotion but the best blogs and comments I’ve read have been written in an obviously seething fury. But… it’s just venting, in the end. Wish I could do something more actually constructive.

  3. Welcome Back Sally!

    Daro, that was very good.

    Here’s our lawyers and leaders telling us it was just bad legal advice. If that’s true, why did they have to destroy memos and other opinions bearing lawful opinions that conflicted with the “innocently given” bad legal advice? Maybe because they knew it wasn’t just innocent bad legal advice? Hard to say–not.

  4. Hmmmm…that’s one I’ll have to search so that I can hear it. But who knows, I may have already heard it before!!

  5. Sally,

    You have not posted in a while, so I guess you are allowed to chalk-up the post count, albeit duplicates.

    BTW, One of my all-time favorite country songs is “Sally Was a Good Old Girl” 9/1962 #20 Country Charts.

  6. I had to post my question twice because I didn’t think anybody heard me the first time…..


  7. Daro,

    I applaud your use of sarcasm. Well played, sir, well played.

  8. Don’t confuse Bush and this Arab:
    In the case of one, the government is filled with religious zealots mostly appointed by, or consisting of, people closely associated with this torturer so nothing will happen to him. And for the Arab guy, he’ll have to lie low for a while.

  9. rafflaw,

    They are breast oil buddies only separated by the pipeline.

  10. THIS JUST IN: John Yoo advocated in 2006 that Bush should consider pardoning anyone convicted of such offenses, and even that jurors hearing criminal cases about such matters engage in jury nullification.

  11. Revealed: U.S. Interrogators May Have Killed Dozens of Detainees

    (investigation by Human Rights Watch found on Alternet)

    “Abed Hamed Mowhoush [was] a former Iraqi general beaten over days by U.S. Army, CIA and other non-military forces, stuffed into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord, and suffocated to death,” Human Rights First writes. “In the recently concluded trial of a low-level military officer charged in Mowhoush’s death, the officer received a written reprimand, a fine, and 60 days with his movements limited to his work, home, and church.”

    These people still work in our govt. If we cannot even have an investigation into murders and the people who ordered them, then why should we investigate anyone for murder ever again?

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