Judge Samuel Kent Sentenced to 33 Months in Federal Prison

gavel2Federal judge Samuel Kent has been sentenced to 33 months for obstruction of justice for lying to a judicial committee investigating allegations that he sexually harassed an employee. Kent, who was viewed as a harsh sentencer for criminal defendants, avoided a maximum sentence of 20 years. One of the alleged victims referred to him as a “drunken giant.”

In his sentencing before Senior U.S. District Judge Roger, an apologetic Kent, 59, stated “I submit myself humbly to you.”

The alleged victims secretary Donna Wilkerson and former case manager Cathy McBroom were allowed to make impassioned statements. Wilkerson said “He always said he hated bullies. How sad that he is the biggest bully of them all.” McBroom lashed out at Kent for once saying that their relationship was a consensual” “Being molested and groped by a drunken giant is not my idea of an affair.”

Kent still is yet to resign and has continued to pull his $174,000 a year salary. Kent’s apology does not seem to include sufficient regret to resign from a judicial post.

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13 thoughts on “Judge Samuel Kent Sentenced to 33 Months in Federal Prison”

  1. Whether Republican or Democrat the judge admitted his guilt as part of a plea bargain. He should be impeached, removed and all pay, along with any retirement be forfeited. He should also have to adhere to the rules for sexual predators by having to check in with police departments for the rest of his life.

    You would think by the lack of reference to a party affiliation that he would be a Democrat. However, Harry Reid wants to set up a special investigation group, and go forward with this matter. Probably the judge is a Republican. However, it really doesn’t matter, if he is a Republican he will be impeached. If he is a Democrat he will get a good old boy slap on the back, his retirement intact and a promotion when he get out of prison, after the 33 month visit.

    We all know this and it should come as no surprise to anyone.

  2. I agree typical democrat liberal democrat move, don’t publish party affiliation. Liberals are only liberal with everyone else stuff and rights not there own. Such hypocrites. Now we shall see about this new latina dem that is about to be appointed to the supreme court. I’m glad my life is almost over. This country has gone to crap with all of this liberal bull.

  3. To assume he is a republican b/c he was appointed by Bush (the elder) is erroneous. Reagan nominated Ginsburg to the Supreme Court and she’s not a republican. I have to agree with Alex, …it’s always a Democrat when they leave off party affiliation.

  4. Thank you, “anonymously yours” for your wit, as well as, your intelligent rendering of logic and reason. As this judge continued to collect tax payer money in the light of current fiscal difficulties it is not hard to see why regular, moral, hard working folks are appalled at the abuse of power running rampant. As they fight for this man to receive retirement so that he may continue to receive his pay in the aftermath of his inexcusable shame, I can assure you that if any other “average American” were to be accused of such misconduct we would not be afforded such pleasantries. As a taxpayer and citizen (and indirectly the judge’s boss/employer) this is unconscionable and unacceptable. By all means he should be impeached by whatever means necessary. The judge should consider himself fortunate his sentence was so lenient and stand as a lesson to those who choose to abuse the power and trust granted them by the Americans they serve.

  5. Duh. The good judge is indeed a raging republican. Another Bush appointee………do as I say, not as I do type. Typical republican.

  6. Thank God, Justice is blind. I don’t know what we’d do if she had one eye open.

  7. alex,

    I presume you are a Troll Tramp. If you had bothered to read the article you would have found out that the Molester was appointed by GHW Bush aka 41 aka GeoI or you could have deducted the number of years he had been on the bench from the present year, thereby figuring out what year his confirmation was heard. But then again your master may not be able to cipher either.

    What do you think? Opps excuse me, I am in violation of the ADA because I asked you to do something you clearly are incapable of doing at this time.

    I apologize in advance for offending you.

  8. Must be a Democrat because the article doesn’t state his political preference…it’s always a Democrat when they leave off party affiliation.

  9. And to top this off, he will not get his salary while he is incarcerated it will be redirected to the government. This will off set the cost. Where do I sign the petition to have impeachment and disbarment proceeding commence?

    For those of you that like to point out a lot of flakes are in Texas missed this one.

  10. From the link:

    {Quote: Rather than resigning, he has asked Judge Edith Jones, chief judge of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, to grant him the early retirement so he can keep getting his pay for life. Jones would not comment for this story on Kent’s request or whether the judicial council has met or will meet on Kent’s case.

    Members of Congress are poised to seek Kent’s impeachment End Quote}

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