Pelosi Now Claims That She Was Misled By CIA

220px-nancy_pelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi has continued her effort to explain past statements on torture and her failure to act to stop a war crime after she was briefed on the torture program. After being contradicted by both documents and one of her aides, Pelosi has now accused CIA officials misleading her in 2002.

While clearly flustered in the press conference, Pelosi continues to maintain that she was briefed on such techniques only once — in September 2002 — and that she was only told that the Administration has established that it could start to use waterboarding, a well-known form of torture. She said that in February 2003 she was only told by her staffer that the Republican chairman and the new Democratic ranking member of the Intelligence Committee had been briefed on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. That sounds like confirmation of torture to me. She added “I’ve dealt with our intelligence professionals for the last 3½ years on an almost daily basis.” Hmmm, after the weapons of mass destruction, the unlawful surveillance, the subsequent unlawful surveillance (after congressional intervention), and other Bush scandals, Pelosi saw no reason not to accept the legal and factual assertions of the agency that she was supposedly overseeing. This dovetails with Pelosi’s view that she had to accept the Bush Administration’s assurance that torture was lawful.
She did add: “I unequivocally oppose the use of torture.” However, she also blocked any effort to investigate torture during the Bush Administration or any effort to impeachment on the basis of war crimes because she insisted that she knew of no evidence to support such allegations.

By the way, Pelosi was protected by the Speech and Debate Clause and could not have been prosecuted for going to the House floor and saying that she believed that the Administration was committing a possible war crime. Moreover, it is simply not true that she was barred for taken other forms of action. She did not have to go to Adelphi to the answer on waterboarding. A simple google search would have revealed a couple hundred site discussing its status as torture and a war crime.

Finally, if Pelosi believes that she was intentionally misled, she should call of a special prosecutor. After all, giving knowingly giving false information to Congress is a crime under 18 U.S.C. 1001(c):

(c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—
(1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or
(2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.

Yet, the most she is willing to do is call for another 9-11 Commission — and not a special prosecutor. The value of the commission is obvious. The 9-11 Commission was filled with reliable democrats and republicans who immediately declared that they would not pursue individuals or assign individual blame. It has been ridiculed for its effort to protect leading figures from blame and leaving massive holes in its investigation.

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  1. Yeah, I tried to say no. Their response is that they wouldn’t be able to help me then.

  2. Debra…

    You have the right to refuse any type of medical treatment. You can say that you think a pelvic exam is unecessary when getting treated for a respiratory infection. No one can force you to do anything to your body that you do not want them to do.

    My husband sliced his hand on a piece of glass and went in to get a tetanus shot. They further cleaned the wound and said that he should get an x-ray to see if there was any glass in his hand. And he said thanks, but I’ll let it work itself out if there is any glass in there. He turned them down. And no one jumped on him and held his hand in place to take an x-ray.

    Stand up for yourself, amazing things will happen

  3. No, I use to be. I had to deal with Military Medical while I was in the service and shortly there after. I stopped going to them after they almost killed me by not properly diagnosing the blood clots. I had to go to a civilian doctor to get treatment.

    Also, since when do you need a pelvic exam for a respiratory infection like broncitis. That was another situation I had to tollerate while I was in. uuuggg. I have so many others. Eight years in, I can fill a book.

  4. I also explained that I am talking about military medical which is different than VA medical.

  5. The word I used is ‘model’ – m-o-d-el.

    The VA MODEL for health care is not useful in this discussion.

  6. So… That just means that you can speak from a point of privilege. I’m speaking from the personal experience I have from being on the receiving end of a crappy system that our government has setup for the military. So say what you will, I will not ever, ever go to a military hospital ever again unless I am in a comma and can’t speak. I would rather drop dead on the street than go back to a system like that.

  7. Sally,

    You are right. JT has asked people to not make personal attacks. If someone doesn’t like what someone else posts on this blog either ignore it or counter it with an actual argument. Otherwise, please post to a different blog where personal attacks are fine.

  8. I’m a doctor.

    I am also a former General Liability Insurance ie Bodily Inury/Property Damage claims professional which included my involvement in the Surplus and Excess Lines area.

    I am a lawyer, as well.

  9. Patty C.

    I wasn’t talking about VA as VA medical (not medal), is worse than the military medical. Out of two vets that have commented just in this particular blog (this includes my comments), both with life threatening illnesses were grossly overlooked or misdiagnosed because of the incompetancy of the medical personnel. VA suffers from a lack of funding. Remember about a year ago when it was reported that Veterians weren’t getting treated at Walter Reed, that was because of a lack of funding.

    Mr. Spindel probably received good health care because of his rank. The average person is the one that get crapped on. So if you have good health care now before nationalization as just a normal citizen on the street, it will surely get worse. Yes, I can compare how the government handles medical care for these services because that is more than likely how they will handle this new nationalized health care.

    I’m not old enough to get medicare, so I can’t speak from a personal point of view; however, I have heard similar complaints in that system as well. Maybe you are just lucky for receiving good service.

  10. I know plenty of people who were classified 4-F for legitimate health reasons, from poor eyesight to allergies, including my oldest brother.

    They have all gone on to contribute significantly in other meaningful ways.

    Mike S. IS who he claims to be, and even if he weren’t his arguments would still trump yours any day of the week.

    As for health care, don’t compare the VA model any longer with Medicare. Medicare ‘works’ and is THE model we should be looking at.

    In order for any new plan to work for everybody universally, everybody, universally, has to give up something, unfortunately.

    The situation has reached critical mass. It’s bullet-biting time for insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, as well as many individuals.

  11. Peggy.

    When you start calling others crude names, you only make yourself look bad. And the points you try to make have less meaning

  12. Mr. Spindell,

    Are you saying need clarification to clear your conscience?

    A man who claims he was classified 4F and not acceptable for military service?

    A man who claims what separated himself from a grunt is that he had certain talents in great demand and a Master’s Degree from an Ivy League School?

    A man who receiving a a good pension and great health care due to his years of service?

    A man who thinks Saul Alinsky was a great man and believes it is an honor for himself to be compared to?

    A man who has shown on this blog to have an over inflated academic opinion of himself?

    You don’t need clarification Mr. Spindell. Your just a bald headed asshole who knows it all, and the rest of us are just grunts.

  13. CCD:

    “News flash politicians write the laws”

    lobbyists write the laws. I worked for one for about 6 months and they have staff lawyers that write the laws and send it to the hill and the staffers go over it and take a bit here or there and add a little something or combine it with some other groups wish list.

    It is all a bunch of BS and these little putz’s (the lobbyists) are such dim witted dip sticks. And the senators and congressmen, most of the ones I met werent fit to run a 7-11.

    Oh and honorarium big word big deal, $2,000 bucks from a group and you can get a congresman to do the hokey pokey with an ugly mule.

  14. Let me begin by saying I have been voting Democratic for the last few elections … and expect to, for the most part … in coming elections. However, now that the shift has occurred, I’m less tolerant of Democratic dinosaurs than I am of Republicans right now – because at the least the Republicans have a huge target on their backs because of the mixed bag of politically relevant and politically toxic waste that they chose to include every time they say anything – anywhere (party of Reagan, Support the troops, 911 – Amen)

    That being said – Pelosi decided to take her stand, pretty much, on a pile of jello. Investigative reporters of all feather have been waiting for this opportunity for a while – because they have implied that there was a go-along to get-along in Congress for long time. The ‘Don’t ask / Don’t tell’ of Congress if you will.

    Panetta was forced to extricate politics from the Intelligence service and the best way he could do that is not going to make the ACLU, citizens with pointy sticks (I’m in this group) or watchdog groups focused on retribution (not because that’s bad) for crimes. The last group is routinely huddled into the Constitutional Law umbrella – and Rules of Law camps that often speak here and elsewhere in the shadow of the authority of the Constitution. This is wonderful. Others are pragmatists that after observing how laws can be manipulated and ultimately abrogated think sometimes that the Rules of the law – can often be not much different than the Bible. That is to say, conveniently interpreted to make a point that may not have been the original intent of the precept or authors.

    We are in tumultuous times and a loud dissonant cacophony of politics, governance, leadership, constitutional conformity are actually playing second fiddle to a Global economic storm that not unlike the swine flu – may have very well have the United States in a direct path of causation.

    It seems to me, that Nancy Pelosi has chosen to respond to Republican attacks – with considerably less skill than one would imagine coming from the individual that unseated Dick Gephardt and jumped Steny Hoyer effortlessly. As far as I’m concerned her public persona is a negative – and I like her – but she’s not at risk because of the powerful dynamism in our American National Government – not because there aren’t stronger and considerably more talented individuals in Congress. I have a difficult time becoming a cheerleader or defender of any politician any longer. Just because I’m very progressive doesn’t mean that I’m not a formidable capitalist that believes in accountability.

    Likewise, I’m not believing many of my friends here about their interest in American Democracy or the perishability of the US Constitution when it comes to expediently adjudicating any and all involved with the most unfortunate and reprehensible acts of torture in our names. We aren’t a Nation of Laws – that’s a jingoistic BS slogan. We are a nation of people, of citizens of human beings. Laws are for crowd control – and laws get changed almost as easily as politicians.

    Nancy Pelosi is on her own as far as I’m concerned – and I too remember Dennis Kucinich bravely standing alone on the stage – while Democrats snicker because he didn’t have nice hair like John Edwards. Let’s not forget we’re a nation of people and we’re fickle as hell.

  15. Peggy,

    Mr. Spindell is likely telling the truth.


    Yes, you and I most likely differ politically. That’s okay. Having differences is always good. It helps keep a healthy perspective of this world. I’m usually well liked, so I assume that people find me to be a nice person, especially since I don’t have much else, like money or fame. My political views have stemmed more from what I have lived through. I have worked since I was 14, paid my own way through college, bought my own cars, I’m a single parent and work very hard. I pay my bills and try to do right by people. I’ve never had anything handed to me. My parents weren’t rich or even close to middle class. We didn’t have medical insurance.

    I am very conservative. I don’t believe in nationalized health care because of my time in the military. Nationalized health care may work in other countries, but our country can’t handle the military, so why on earth would we think they could handle the entire population. I don’t believe that the government should have their hands in private business. I believe in fair wages and caring for those who can’t care for themselves. I just have different ideas of how that should be done. I don’t believe the govenment is capable. These are only a few areas that I am sure that we differ in. I don’t really care what the media has to say about it. What the media says isn’t always representative of reality, just someone’s biased point of view.

    I do feel that the Congress and Senate need to be cleaned out and new people in those positions. People of integrity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  16. Peggy,
    Could you clarify your point please so I can destroy it with a clear conscience?

  17. Mr.Spindell said;

    “What separated me from a grunt is that I had certain talents in great demand and a Master’s Degree from an Ivy League School.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha, oh jeez, i guess you can’t make this stuff up, or can you.

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