Schwarzenegger To Call For Sale of San Quentin

260px-SanQuentinSPAs the United States continues to gush billions of dollars each week in Iraq and Afghanistan, states are selling off airports, parks, and other public areas to pay for basic services. This week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will propose selling San Quentin Prison, the Los Angeles Coliseum and other state-owned properties.

The fireside sale of such historic properties would raise less than a billion dollars but such short-term acts are now common. At some point the image of the U.S. giving billions to an oil rich nation like Iraq will cause a public backlash against our leaders. We have reached a point of anaerobic breakdown of our country where we are selling off basic public areas at bargain prices. The result is that a small number of companies and individuals will become fantastically wealthy by giving politicians a short-term infusion of cash.

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  3. lkatz,

    That is a good position. They should at least get first bids and perhaps a discount.

  4. If I were the legal counsel for a Native American tribe or Council(any Native American tribe or Council) that ever lived within 500 miles of a government owned tract of land for sale I’d file for it being returned to it’s rightful and official owners. Luck alone should insure some success if enough claims are filed. I’m not sure I’m kidding.

  5. Hey Mike Spindell,

    You are still #1 in my blawg book. Also, I am a durn atheist so Mu was moo(t) to me.

  6. They’re going to sell San Quentin for 1 Billion, but they’ll probably wind up spending 2 billion building new prisons to house San Quentin’s former inmates.

    On top of that, several million dollars will be needed to fund California’s newly created Department of Selling State Properties.

    And with the states’ policy of allowing pretty much anything to be voted on, look for an initiative on the next ballot prohibiting the sale of San Quentin. Marin County will oppose, all other counties will support it.

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  8. Mike….

    AY is going to send us the $45,000 cash. We’ll send him the $80 million check and we can split the $45,000, okay?

    I know it’s not much, but who wouldn’t want an extra $22,500 for fun money?

  9. Bron,

    That statement supposes the government acquired the land through illegal means. If they bought it from private individuals, or simply claimed their ownership of it before some other person did wouldn’t the Gov’t be the rightful owner?

  10. I recieved his email about that deal today! He also said something about sending us a check for $80 million and we need to deposit it and send him back $45 thousand to help him with the legal costs of filing paper work and the such.

    Between you and me, I say let’s just keep the check and screw him

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  12. San Quentin should not only be sold, it should be shut down altogether. Alcatraz, San Quentin are a blight on the Bay Area. Streets named Alcatraz should have immediate name changes as well. How much fear mongering can these posers dish out? People actually tour Alcatraz daily, cameras in hand, kids in tow. Can you imagine? Will we soon make Abu Gharaib a tourist site?

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